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Tecnica Mach 1 Pro W
Winter 2017.18

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TECNICA<br />Tecnica Mach 1 Pro W<br />Winter 2017.18


Nobody knows what women want and what women need better than women themselves. With this in mind, Blizzard/Tecnica have launched the “Women to Women” Project: they gathered a group of female skiers from all over the world and listened to what their own requirements and needs are in a ski and boot collection to help them achieve better performance, self-confidence and a better skiing experience.

The new Tecnica Mach1 Pro W solves this key issues: warmth, comfort, customization and performance. Many women suffer from cold feet when out skiing. Tecnica has responded to this by introducing in-boot heating systems and new Celliant fibre insulation. Celliant fibres are made up of 13 thermoactive minerals stored within polyester fibres. These minerals turn body heat into infrared energy and reflect this back onto the foot. Infrared rays are proven to dilate blood vessels, thereby enhancing circulation and temperature regulation. Merino wool lining in the toe box further enhances warmth. To create an optimum fit, Tecnica has continued to rely on its proven C.A.S. (Custom Adaptive Shape) System for an individual fit. The system has been improved to adjust to the shape of women’s feet. The new thermoformable Cuff Adapter and Cuff Volume Reducer ensure a precise fit around women’s variable calf shapes. On-snow tests and measurements have proven that a woman’s natural position on skis is more upright than that of men. All of Tecnica’s women’s boot models are therefore set to a Women’s Natural Stance to support this balanced position. It reduces muscle fatigue, improves performance and leads to more enjoyment.