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Torii 4+2 P
Summer 2018

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VAUDE <BR /> Torii 4+2 P <BR />Summer 2018

For Summer 2018 VAUDE presents the Torii Tent series, that opens a new dimension of camping. It features a spacious interiors to stand in, inner tent cabins with darker fabrics and the Ventorama sliding roof that enable a sky view. A lot more details of this luxury family tent make outdoor living truly comfortable.

A lightweight, very versatile tent with 2 sleeping cabins for families or groups, who place great value on spacious interiors and quality. Long-lasting materials, high quality workmanship and best UV resistance. The rectangular ground space in connection with near-vertical walls and an airy mesh roof ensure a well-ventilated, extremely comfortable micro-climate and more livable space. A true highlight is the Ventorama roof – similar to a sliding roof, the flysheet can be opened up. This not only clears your head, it also opens up so you can sleep under starry skies. For shorter Northern summer nights, you can get enough rest inside the darker sleeping cabins. Only need a light weather cover? Remove the inner tent cabins and the waterproof bathtub floor for lighter night protection. And for those who need a bit more space, the smaller inner tent cabin can be removed. The inner tent also comes with a practical organizer and tablet pocket.