The Tecnica-MaXi-Race 2015: Registration Opens

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tecnicaThe countdown to the 5th edition of the MAXI RACE will soon begin! As with several other trail running events, the race actually starts with registration…

In 2014, the 86 km course filled up within 21 days and the 42 km course in only 12 days. For 2015, after a highly successful 2014 edition and with the 2015 World Champion title at play, we bet that this year’s edition will break all past registration times, likely closing within a week for both the 86 km (2000 bibs) and the 42 km (1600 bibs).

So, on your marks!

Practical information for registering:
Registration opens on Monday, December 1, at 10:00
Online registration only at:
Documents required for registration: scanned copy of federation membership (FFA / FFtri) or a valid medical certificate

A wide range of courses to choose from for all levels: Seven fantastic courses allow everyone to achieve their performance goals, to enjoy themselves, and to push their limits, with the entire event organized in the same time-honored spirit, “by runners for runners.”

The Tecnica-MaXi-Race to host the Trail World Championships! The Maxi Race is an 86 km long extremely demanding ultramarathon, a genuine personal challenge that involves a serious and comprehensive training program! This predominantly ridgeline course overlooks Lake Annecy, offering a spectacular panorama from one end to the other!

Runners cross over the summit of the Semnoz (1699m), the course high point, with panoramic views of the Tournette and the Mont-Blanc range. After descending towards Saint Eustache, a second climb to Col de la Clochette Pass leads to Doussard. This aid station, located at the halfway point, provides welcome relief before the big climb to Roc Lancrenaz (1650m), which includes passing over Col de la Forclaz Pass. A km 71, the village of Menthon-St-Bernard and the third aid station serve as the gateway to the last section of the course and the stunning Mont Veyrier ridgeline (1291m) high above the east shore of the lake: a section of technical running that proves not so easy by the end of the race!

Start: Albigny Beach, Annecy-le-Vieux, May 30, 2015, at 05:00

First finishers: approximately 13:30, that last will arrive at 23:00

7 aid stations along the course:

  • 3 full aid stations at km 18 (Semnoz), km 44 (Doussard), and km 71 (Menthon Saint Bernard).
  • 4 water stations at km 27 (Saint Eustache), km 37 (Les Maisons), km 54 (La Côte-Montmin), km 65 (Villard-Dessus).
  • 1 full aid station at the finish line.

Two formats to discover:

– The Compressport-XL-Race: The Compressport-XL Race – 86 km, 5300 m vertical gain over two days (limited to 800 bibs), will celebrate its second edition. This event offers the chance to circumnavigate the lake, and enjoy a comfortable night in a warm bed at the halfway point… Averaging roughly 40km per day, this two-stage format with recovery time provides a great way to prepare for longer races. This event allows participants to enjoy the same great panoramic vistas as the ultra; an incredible course for any runner who just loves taking in the views!

– A different atmosphere… the Femina Maxi-Race: Dedicated 100% to women over 16 years old, this event offers an entirely different atmosphere for the 450 women running the 15km… that cover the last section of the loop around Lake Annecy and provide great views of the lake.

A new partner: Savoie Mont Blanc Tourisme. 
Alongside Tecnica, Savoie Mont Blanc Tourisme is a new main partner for the event. Support from this local public tourism development agency underlines the destination’s desire to host first-rate international competitions and more specifically the IAU Trail World Championships, since the fast growing sport of trail running represents a genuine vector for tourism for the destination.

Tecnica: Tecnica has been involved with this major trail running event from the very beginning. The Tecnica-Maxi-Race was an obvious choice geographically speaking, given Tecnica’s proximity and involvement in the Lake Annecy basin economy. Tecnica has developed trail running gear in line with its investment. The Tecnica-Maxi-Race now counts among the most spectacular and important trail races in France and this recognition, by hosting the 2015 Trail World Championships, will provide genuine international standing to the event and a newfound visibility for Tecnica.


maxi race

Event profile:

7 open races, 6000 runners

2015 IAU Trail World Championships, men’s, women’s, and team titles

The races:

– The Tecnica-MaXi-Race – 86 km solo run, 5300 m vertical gain

Open to the general public and the race course for the World Championship. Limited to 2000 bibs. Entry fee: 84 €

– The Compressport-XL Race – 86 km, 5300 m vertical gain over 2 days. Limited to 800 bibs. Entry fee: 85 €

Day 1: 44.5km, 2550m V+, 2527m V-

Day2: 43km, 2780m V+, 2772m V-

– The Team Race – 86 km, 5300m vertical gain, relay teams of 2 or 4. Limited to 200 teams of 4 and 150 teams of 2. Entry fee: 75 € to 140 €

– The Marathon Race – 43 km, 2800m vertical gain. Limited to 1600 bibs. Entry fee: 40 €

– The Femina Race 100 % for women – 15 km, 1050m V+, 1080m V-. Limited to 450 bibs. Entry fee: 25 €

– The Trail Découverte – 15 km, 1050m V+, 1080m V-.Limited to 450 bibs. Entry fee: 25 €

– Vertical Race, a single ascent – 4km and 850m V+. Limited to 150 bibs. Entry fee: 15 €



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