The future of Outdoor Retailing – Interview With Frederic Hufkens

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Rapid changes in both technology and consumer preference have altered so many of the established concepts of retail that it is time for the industry to re-look at what is possible and work together to identify opportunities for the future.  With a wealth of experience across a wide spectrum of retail, as well as experience at the helm of the hugely successful A.S.Adventure Group (Bever, A.S.Adventure, Cotswold & Snow & Rock), Frédéric Hufkens offers invaluable knowledge, expertise and insight.

Started in 1995 as small family-owned operation in Belgium, A.S.Adventure now stocks over 50,000 products, including kit for travel and camping, cycling and running, ski and snowboard, beachwear and gadgets. Frédéric was brought on board in 2007 to overhaul the corporate structure of the business and breathe new life into the company.

Interviews: Jessica Ceotto
Video editing: Andrea Monticelli.