The Future of Textile Industry Must Be “Circular” – Interview With Cyndi Rhoades

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What is a circular resource model and what are the key hurdles preventing the outdoor industry from achieving it? Cyndi Rhoades explores some of the commercial benefits and real opportunities that a circular approach to sourcing and keeping non-rewearable textiles in circulation could bring for individual brands and the wider industry as a whole.

Cyndi Rhoades is the Founder/CEO of Worn Again, a London-based innovation company in development of ‘circular’ recycling technology for end of use textiles. She founded Worn Again in 2005 and has led the company from its’ early days in upcycling to its’ current technology developments.  Over the years, Cyndi has worked on a series of ground-breaking products and projects with world leading designers and brands, including Virgin Atlantic, Eurostar and Virgin Balloon Flights. Most recently, the company has announced a collaborationwith H&M and Kering’s Sports and Lifestyles brand, Puma.

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Video shooting and editing: Andrea Monticelli