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Up Your Running With The Legendary C.A.M.P. Lightness

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Trail running sets the trend these days. Competitions are rapidly increasing, attended by countless athletes; you’ll find professionals who compete to win and amateurs challenging themselves, enticed by the allure of running and fatigue. In the last few years, C.A.M.P. has given some thought to trail runners, developing
several products which feature excellent lightness and guarantee performance. Among them, packs of various sizes, which should be chosen according to the type and length of the run, and the award winning, multi-purpose Trail Vest Light, the best seller in this series. If shorter runs are your daily bread, then the Ergo Belt waist pack is for you. You’ll also want to give a go to the new Sky Carbon poles, which are extremely light, sturdy and functional.

CAMPCAMP Trail Vest Light

CAMP’s commitment to light and fast shines through in the minimalist design of the Trail Vest Light without overlooking critical attributes like comfort and on-the-go convenience. The elastic straps across the chest
make the pack less prone to pinching off lung expansion and the whole pack has been systematically designed to allow easy access to essentials while on the move. Features EZ OP buckles on the shoulder straps and waist belt. Weight 295 g

CAMP Ergo Belt
A light and fast waist belt for mountain and trail running specifically designed to carry the Soft Flask CAMP (SFC). Constructed from hyperlight ripstop nylon with soft, absorbent padding against the body. Features a
large single pocket with 2 entry slots designed to carry two Soft Flasks which come included (one 150 ml for calories and one 500 ml for hydration). The zippered mesh pocket is perfect for carrying essentials like
snacks, keys, ID, and other accessories. Weight 105 g

CAMP Sky Carbon
The Sky Carbon poles are made of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy for the best balance of weight, rigidity and strength. Carbon fiber is used in the 4 upper segments for lightweight rigidity and aluminum is used in the lower segment for critical strength where the poles contact the ground. The Sky Carbon poles are ideal for hiking, mountaineering, fast packing, and trail running. The ergonomic handle with adjustable leash
ensures good comfort and a solid grip at every angle. The inner cord is plastic coated for fluid assembly and disassembly. The upper segment features a functional locking system that allows the poles to be adjusted
from 115 to 135 cm with ease and locked securely in position. Weight 377 g.