EOCA Autumn 2023 Project Vote Opens Today.

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EOCA is delighted to announce that the autumn project vote is now open!  A shortlist of 8 projects from around the world are hoping to secure funding for their vital conservation work.  You can help choose the next projects to receive EOCA funding by voting for your favourite in each of the two categories now: Forest; Wild Places.  

EOCA received over 250 applications for funding, which, with the help of Scientific Advisers, have been shortlisted to just 8 conservation projects all now looking for your vote. (more…)

Sustainable packaging? Interview with Vivian Loftin

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What should the outdoor industry know about sustainable packaging?

Packaging is used to protect outdoor products during transport from manufacturer to consumer and, although its environmental impact is small compared to that of the product inside, it is often the first contact the consumer has with the product and can therefore play a significant part in reinforcing the product’s sustainable credentials. In this interview, Vivian Loftin, packaging expert and an industry representative  presents the concept of sustainable packaging, the impact of material choice versus waste handling systems, and how best the industry can address their packaging. Watch the video interview:


Innovation and people plan: interview with
Tara PJ Stevens and Karla Morales-Lee

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How to unlock innovation within your organisation through a regenerative people plan?

Post-covid, the war on talent is a high-stakes initiative that companies can’t afford to loose. And yet, it can seem an impossible task for senior leaders to confidently invest in people in an unforgiving economic climate. How do companies know not just the right things to invest, but the best for measurable impact? Watch the video interview with Tara PJ Stevens and Karla Morales-Lee.


What makes outdoor brands score higher?
Interview with Dr Korbinian Spann

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What makes outdoor brands score higher in service and product quality among consumers?

Consumers evaluate and compare outdoor products on various touchpoints as part of the customer journey. Thanks to Dr. Korbinian Spann, Insaas.ai shows the most popular outdoor brands and products for Germany in 2023 based on hundreds of thousands of data points. Like this, product management, sales and marketing are able to improve single products and categories based on data.‍ Watche the video interview:


How to square what’s circular.
Interview with Philipp Meister

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How to square what’s circular: How to connect circularity to your sustainability strategy and measure it right.

In the past years we have seen a lot of different circular initiatives being born with the intent to pilot new value propositions and grasp circular economy’s promised land of decoupling financial growth from resource use. However, in most cases brands struggle to understand how to connect these initiatives to their wider sustainability commitments and business strategies. In the specific case of the outdoor industry, durability and repairability have been in great focus as intrinsically associated with the expected performance of products, with a less clear connection with how they can bring benefit to the company’s climate or nature-related targets.

The interview with Philipp Meister (Global Fashion & Sporting Goods Lead Quantis) aims at providing a concrete framework for integrating business and sustainability objectives in a circular strategy, highlighting opportunities related to both the broader ecosystem (eg. Regulator, Consumers, Market players) and the supply system, as to embrace digitalization and technological innovation along the entire value chain. Watch the interview:


Transformative Change: Interview with Rosa Sommer

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Rosa Sommer, Director at the change consultancy Leaders’ Quest, brings deep experience helping companies and their leaders have better conversations about the future. In this interview we ask what will it take to lead companies and industries into a new era? and what it really takes to transform, the nature of change itself, and begin exploring the ingredients of ‘business and beyond’? Watch the interview:


Digitize the Planet: Interview with Thorsten Unseld

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Digitize the Planet: creating a responsible relationship between our natural environment and the people, through standardized and internationally digitized nature conservation information. Watch the video interview withThorsten Unseld: 


European Outdoor Summit hailed a success
after hundreds attend in Berlin

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eos 2023 Pete Webb at Pipeline Digital

Photos Credits: Pete Webb at Pipeline Digital


The 2023 European Outdoor Summit (EOS) has been hailed as a big success. Hosted in Berlin, the two-day event had the theme ‘The New Era: Business and Beyond’ and explored a wide range of major topics that face the outdoor industry, and business and society in general. The event was organised by the European Outdoor Group (EOG), in partnership with the Bundesverband der Deutschen Sportartikelindustrie e.V. (BSI), and attracted over 200 senior executives from around Europe.

The 2023 EOS was held on 28 and 29 September at Festsaal Kreuzberg, an eclectic events and concert venue situated in the Treptow-Köpenick district, the largest and greenest neighbourhood of Berlin. The busy summit programme covered a diverse range of topics, from how to manage transformative change, retail trends, digitisation and AI, to carbon reduction, sustainable packaging, durability, and improving diversity and inclusion in outdoor participation. As well as hearing from expert keynote speakers and participating in panel discussions, delegates were also given numerous opportunities to network and continue conversations that started during summit sessions. EOS lined up leading figures, both from within the outdoor industry and representing other sectors which provided different experiences and insights of value. (more…)

EOS 2023 – Registration Now Open
Gore-Tex joins once again as major sponsor

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eos 2023


Delegate registration for the European Outdoor Summit (EOS), which will take place in Berlin, Germany, on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th September 2023 is now open. Register now HERE to take advantage of the early bird rate, available until 21st June.

Members of the European Outdoor Group (EOG) and The Federal Association of the German Sporting Goods Industry (BSI) are entitled to an extra discounted rate.  The summit is directed at senior executives and decision makers; however, due to the success of the summit last year in Annecy, where we hosted over 300 outdoor industry leaders, and with the inclusion of other senior level directors, such as CSR, sustainability and marketing, we plan to continue to promote content to diversify attendees to the event.

To support this, a two-ticket bundle with a saving of 150€ will be available (*must be 2 x senior executives).

  • Early Bird EOG/BSI members 650€        *Early Bird Bundle EOG/OSV members 1,150€
  • Early Bird non-members 750€                 *Early Bird Bundle non-members 1,350€

Further discounts are available for those wishing to attend two or more of the conferences being held as part of the ‘Week of Sports’.

The agenda is being developed under the heading: ‘The New Era – Business and Beyond’ – it will be a two- day programme of presentations, networking and social events exploring the latest (and future) developments in the specific context of the outdoor industry that stimulate debate and discussion in a non-competitive environment, with the ultimate aim to improve business practices and promote sustainable growth and innovation.  We will be announcing speakers and more information on the agenda soon.

The EOS would not happen without the support of our sponsors, so we are delighted to announce that Gore-Tex, the leading waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane manufacturer has signed up as a Major Sponsor, continuing its longstanding support for the EOS.

“Our businesses benefit when we engage as an industry and come together to discuss the factors and challenges that affect us all. Topics such as sustainability, economic environment, policy, and innovation are such factors that have an industry wide-impact, and there is a need for us to collaborate to address them. The European Outdoor Summit provides an ideal platform to connect, exchange, and learn about current market developments. We believe in the value of the summit as a forum to help better prepare us for the future. We are looking forward to seeing everyone in Berlin for what should be another successful summit.” Achim Loeffler, Global Business Leader Consumer Fabrics, W. L. Gore & Associates.


The venue for this year’s EOS is Festsaal Kreuzberg, an eclectic events and concert venue situated in the Treptow-Köpenick district, the largest and greenest neighbourhood of Berlin. With good train, bus and underground connections, this venue is under 20 minutes from Berlin’s centre.  Situated on the banks of the River Spree, it is surrounded by history being just across the river from the East Side Gallery Memorial, the permanent open-air gallery on the longest surviving section of the Berlin Wall.

There is a variety of accommodation in Berlin for any budget. To ensure you get your preferred price and location, we would recommend booking early,  through your preferred hotel booking or comparison site. The closest hotels to the venue include:

This year’s EOS will form part of the ‘Week of Sports’, a group of conferences, starting  with the Sporthandelskongress by SAZ on Tuesday 26th September, followed by the BSI Assembly on Wednesday 27th September and culminating with European Outdoor Summit (EOS) on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th  September.



INFO: European Outdoor Summit

Finding Balance and Success within Disorder: EOS 2022 Video Spot and Interviews.

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The European OutDoor Summit 2022 is over and EOG is already thinking about the 2023 edition in Germany. But before of it, let’s recap the key concepts discussed in Annecy.
Mountainblog presents a web reportage packed with information and insights: the voices of speakers and protagonists recorded at the Summit. Click on the grey labels below to watch the different interviews.


Andrew Martin

Vice President, Membership and Stakeholder Engagement Sustainable Apparel Coalition

Interview With Andrew Martin


As we started to emerge from the global coronavirus crisis that exposed the cracks in our global economic interdependence and the fragility of our industry, especially our supply chains, we then leapt straight into the war in the Ukraine blowing up commodity markets, while the impacts of climate change continually tighten the screws on the way in which we conduct business...


Read “EOS 2022 Delivers stimulating presentation and networking in the outstanding Annecy backdrop” at this link. 

Interviews: Jessica Ceotto
Video editing: Andrea Monticelli.