Climbing passion. Gabriel Motica reflects on his beloved mountains

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KAYLAND Gabriel Motica


We spent some time with Romanian climber Gabriel Motica, a huge Kayland evangelist, and found out some interesting things about his work and passions. Check it out.

What is your training and experience in mountaineering and expeditions?
I’ve climbed the mountain since I’ve known myself. I can count 37 years of mountaineering and climbing till now.
When I was younger, I made many rock climbing routes in the Carpathians, 6B UIAA, VII-. I have crossed the Carpathians ridges. I have participated in mountain climbing National competitions. I have opened new climbing routes in my hometown mountain area. In the second part, I had the opportunity to go out of the borders of my country and discover the Alps, not only from the books I’ve read as a teenager. So, I begun to do classical Alpine routes. Till now, I have climbed 24 peaks over 4000m in the Alps. I couldn’t overlook the beauty and the charm of the Dolomites, where I have made many ascents. In 2014, I had the chance to be part of the Romanian expedition on Everest.

Which are the most emotional adventure or achievements you got from the mountains?
Each excursion on the mountain is a challenge. Every time you learn something new.
But, the experience to live in an expedition on the Mount Everest for two months was both, the most emotional adventure and an important achievement for me. A dream came true. I dreamed of it and planned it since I was a child.
I have met a new world, new culture, new mountains. The highest mountains. Spending 44 days at over 5000m, from which 18 consecutive days at 6400m was a hard test for me, a challenge to exceed my limits.

What does it mean to you live the mountains?
For me it is a way of life, the most important passion in my life. I work in the mountain. I spend my holidays in the mountains. I take my family and my friends to the mountains. I’ve lost good friends on the mountain. The mountains shows us different faces each time, we are acquiring different feelings and experiences that enrich us spiritually. We have to go out and know them. Explain us if and why it is important to choose the right equipment to challenge the mountain. Together with a proper training and technical knowledge, the right equipment completes the best team to reach the top of the mountain and to return to the base safety.

Which are the most important features in a mountain boot and why Kayland answer these with its products values and specs?
A mountain boot must fit you from the moment you put your foot in. They have to be comfortable, to offer stability, protection, good grip on the terrain, they have to keep your feet dry.
Kayland answer to this requirements by using the best materials, new technologies, continuous research on the anatomy of the foot and dynamics. They are focused on the comfort and functionality of the foot. At Kayland boots we can find 8 or even more different lasts!

What do you like most of Kayland brand?
As their motto says, they step ahead. Kayland brand is evolving, they continue to develop. They don’t give up. And most important, they don’t deviate from their principles. They are Vertical.

What would you suggest to anyone who wants to start mountaineering?
They have to be patient, to pass through all stages. They have to know the mountain, the beauty of it, but also to be aware of the dangers they may encounter. They have to learn to respect the mountain. And once they begun this adventure, not to give up.

Romania has many interesting mountains, like the Carpathian range. Which are the most attractive one to climb/trek and why?
The Carpathians Mountains occupies a third of the country’s surface. They are very long and vast, divided in more mountain groups, from which I have to mention the mountain from Maramureș area (were we live); Piatra Craiului Mountains – a group of rocky mountains; Făgăraș Mountain – Transylvania’s Alps; Retezat Mountains – beautiful landscapes with lots of glacier lakes.
The Romanian Carpathians are the ideal place for wild adventures, which you cannot find in other mountains of the world. Wildness is the word that characterize our mountains. We still have mountain villages with old traditions and hospitable people.

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