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Kayland’s Advice For Your Boots: taking care of Nubuck

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d87b7fc4-27bc-4642-96d5-a21819bcf3daNubuck is a soft and velvety leather type which can be really affected by dirt.

Nubuck is derived from the outer part of cow skin. For this reason, this material is very sturdy and it is a common choice for making footwear, bags, jackets and various accessories.

A very delicate leather requires the right procedure and techniques to clean it when it gets dirty. In this way, we avoid the risk of damaging the leather with wrong methods.

To clean nubuck it is necessary to have the right equipment

We will need a soft brush that will not scratch the surface. Besides, we will also have to keep some cloths, either in leather or fabric, that will come in handy, and specific nubuck cleansing products. We suggest to give a brush to thew product after each use, doing that we will avoid dust to settle and create spots.

With the brush, we should make a circular movement in continuous, keeping an eye not to concentrate too much on the same area: we may damage the nubuck. If we have some difficult spots to remove, we can use liquid or spray products on the market. These should be applied on a cloth and then, once the leather is dried, put all over the surface of the shoe, evenly. In the end, another good all around brushing is required to remove any residue from the leather.

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