How is Possible to Gamify the Outdoor Industry? Interview with Benjamin Föckersperger

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What does “Gamification” mean? Is it possible and necessary to “gamify” the outdoor business?

Benjamin Föckersperger’s interview gives a brief introduction into the principles of Gamification, which could be also described as Game-Thinking to address the target group of the 21st century. Based on the principles of core motivation, Gamification describes the theoretical approach to transform methods of game design and player engagement into business solutions. Traditional businesses have to adapt or reinvent themselves, to keep the pace, especially in the “analogue” Outdoor environment.


Benjamin Föckersperger is a serial entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in establishing profitable businesses. His major areas of expertise lay in Business Development, Fundraising, and Entrepreneurship with a focus on internet businesses, gaming, property, and emerging technologies. He is currently involved in Business Development Roles in several of his ventures, such as,,, as well as privately doing angel investments, coaching and M&A consulting through his Foeckersperger Ventures. He has founded and sold several companies since the age of 17, with 3LuckyGuys Ltd being the most recent company he has successfully sold.

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