Kayland: producing a footwear is not enough.

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Kayland, technology matters research of the best materials and constructive technologies to deliver excellent products. This item must be studied and developed following strict company guidelines, which consist of technologies, quality norms and finishing, all around the shoes.

How is realized a Kayland product? The first step is projecting and design, usually with high precision softwares and 3D graphics. Once the prototype has been built, a list of the components is made to verify the industrialization capabilities of the item. The pieces that will compose the footwear are meticulously selected and tested by Kayland, even with the use of sophisticated machineries which simulate product stressful situations to the limit: bending test, waterproofness test and many more.

After choosing the right parts, the production starts.

In this process, many accurate manual skills intervene, often forgotten when describing the footwear construction: in fact, wise hands with years of experience achieve utmost precision in sewing and finishing the uppers, while others use with expertise glues and stitches to ensure that no bends or bulges would appear when fixing rubber rands or uppers on last.

A particular note goes to cutting, precise and fast, of the various elements in the upper: a laser cutting machine provides total precision with limited waste and ensures excellent quality evermore. The coupling of waterproof membrane, built with the bootee system, is another precision and high demanding detail which gives added value to the entire process and to the final product.

One last, significant thing: to produce one pair of boots it is required an interval between forty minutes and one hours time on the manovia, the Italian nomenclature for footwear assembly line.

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