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Masters, technology and lightness when sking becomes even more fun!

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Winter is finally coming and together comes the moment that every skier has been waiting for in the past months: the first snow! Masters poles are a real “must have” for all demanding skiers. With models that will satisfy every kind of need, all Masters poles have a very high quality standard, with a research and attention to the details typical of an Italian production company.
The best part? This does not mean prohibitive prices.

Come try and hold the masters power and discover the difference.


RACING CARBON SL PRO: Dedicated to the ones who expect the maximum performance during their skiing days, the Carbon SL PRO is a 100% carbon pole, which completes the “RACING” line dedicated to all competition lovers. A mono-tube with a diameter of 16 mm. The carbon allows an excellent balance between oscillation and lightness, for a more professional use. The soft touch and the ergonomic handle fits perfectly to the grip of the hand and to the force imprinted during the gripping. The pole resists perfectly to low temperatures (-45°), while maintaining its own chemical stability, flexibility and resistance to aging. Price: 69,95€

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