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indexFor all of those who are ski-addicted, love the slopes, but at the same time are ready to prove themselves in different situations because challenges are part of their DNA, Nordica created the perfect product: it’s called Promachine, it has the power of Dobermann®, but the lightness, the versatility and comfort of a 98 mm All Mountain boot, as a real member of the Machine family. Grit, willingness to overcome their own limits, to feel the thrill of the speed under the ski. The Michelin soles offer unprecedented grip and stability from the forefoot, through the metatarsal to the heel. The new, fully integrated GripWalk toe and heel system provides matchless Michelin traction on snow, ice and almost any other surface skiers might encounter when they ski the whole mountain.

From September, these skiers already look at the weather waiting for the first snow to fall and have only one thing in their mind: skiing, skiing and skiing. 8.00 AM, already at their third coffee, waiting for the chairlift to open and then drawing curves until last run, until the last ray of sunshine hides behind the top of the mountain. Thanks to the Tri-fit technology, this boot is completely customizable from the shell (with the Infrared system) to the Cork liner, up to most of the elements (strap, cuff, etc). Another Machine has entered into the Nordica home, ready to master the slopes, with the competition in its genetic make-up, and a precise goal: satisfying High Performance skiers, looking for the highest level of performance in any situation without sacrificing comfort. 25% lighter, 120% more powerful. The numbers speak for themselves: thanks to the use of lightweight materials, a new anatomic shell equipped with the Tri-Force Frame system, the Promachine allows you to perform with agile and fluid movements, ensuring optimum levels of comfort, transmitting energy directly from the foot to the boot. The plus is given by the opportunity to customize the boot: Infrared technology allows to model the shell, while the Cork Fit liner can be heated for a perfect fit on the ankle and the heel. Waterproof against cold and humidity, the Promachine are equipped with the Isotherm system that ensures heat to the feet.


ride logoRide Snowboard boots equipped with Michelin’s most advanced solution for lighter and thinner outsoles.
e most advanced solution for the production of lighter and thinner outsoles, thus reducing the footwear’s total weight, is achieved through a high temperature compression molding process of textile fibers on to the rubber, creating a light tread, and a thin, flexible and stable base, that does not affect the performance, but rather improves the interaction and adaptability to different types of ground surface. Ride, a historical Michelin partner and one of the first to have believed in the French company’s soles, decided to adopt this knowhow for two new snowboard boots: Karmyn and Deadbolt. The ‘fiber lite’ sole with the two models are equipped and is the ideal solution in terms of lightness and flexibility, able to best accompany the movement of the foot on the board. Inspired by two mountain bike tires, it features solid lugs and reinforcements that increase traction and grip. Tread design gives excellent stability and abrasion resistance.

RIDE Deadbolt Generally, a deadbolt keeps the bad things out, but this Deadbolt keeps the good things inside with its Intuition™ Mobile Foam Wrap Liner. A heat moldable dual-density foam provides a performance fit that doesn’t interfere with your freedom of movement and the wrap liner construction builds additional stability into the boot and creates seamless comfort when combined with the new Tongue Tied™ BOA® Focus Closure System, which gives you the heel hold of our Tongue Tied™ system with the precise fit in two zones of the BOA® Focus Closure System. The new Michelin Fiberlite will keep you on your feet when hiking is required and a +Slime Midsole ensures your feet will be comfortable and supported. The Deadbolt is a responsive all-mountain freestyle boot for a rider looking for comfort, support and a hassle-free speed lacing system that will keep all areas of his foot on lockdown.

Ride_AI1819_deadbolt_brown_con suola Michelin

RIDE Karmyn According to, Karmyn is a “Boyfriend stealer jerk and friend stealer and ugly ass bitch with a long nose.” Well, we here at RIDE we aim to change Karmyn’s reputation by offering this boot in a flattering monochromatic colorway and making sure that the boot itself is unquestionably proportionate. The Tongue Tied™ Focus Closure System won’t steal your friends, but it may make them jealous thanks to a lacing system gives you the heel hold of our Tongue Tied™ system with the precise fit in two zones of the BOA® Focus Closure System. The Closer™ lace guide disperses lace tension across the entire boot to eliminate pressure points and the Michelin Fiberlite sole is built for lightweight performance on snow and ice. The Karmyn will perform anywhere on the mountain, but is designed for a female rider looking for a stiffer flexing freestyle snowboard boot. This Karmyn will also never steal your boyfriend, unless his feet are tiny, in which case you may be better off.

 Ride_AI1819_karmyn_black_con suola Michelin

indexFull Tilt Ascendant equipped with Michelin soles to maximize grip without sacrificing durability. The most demanded new product from Full Tilt is finally here. A lightweight boot with touring capabilities without sacrificing downhill comfort and performance. As skiing progresses, product demands and terrain exploration expands. Meticulously developed, tested and delivered, we present the Ascendant, to get you further.

  • Integrated Tech Fittings. Over-molding tech fittings have the best connection for power transmission and stiffness.

  • Advanced Pro Tour Liner. 100% heat moldable Intuition® liner gives a perfect 1 to 1 fit for your beautifully imperfect feet. Removable forward lean shims and J-Bars add a never before seen level of liner customization. A tour notch and lacing system fixes the liner to your foot to diminish friction while touring.

  • Simplistic & Durable Walk Mode. A single extruded metal walk mechanism creates a reliable transition from ski to walk mode. We placed the unit on the cuff to maintain our free-floating cuff so you can still enjoy all the smooth flexing benefits of our 3-piece design.

  • Additional Michelin Sole. Included in the box are standard TPU dual material outsoles as well as a full rubber outsole. Our exclusive tread pattern, developed with Michelin with oversized lugs and siping, maximizes grip without sacrificing durability.

  • Lightweight Materials & Removable Tongue.We chose Grilamid plastic because of its ratio of weight to strength coupled with on snow performance. To shed more weight and increase the range of motion when touring, you can remove the tongue exposing the high snow gaiter that keeps your feet dry.


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