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Ripstick 106
Winter 20120.21

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ELAN <BR /> Ripstick 106 <BR /> Winter 20120.21

Built for the toughest terrain and conditions, the name says it all!
Designed and built to handle the most challenging terrain in any snow condition the mountain can dish out, the Ripstick series is the ultimate Freeskiing tool for demanding skiers. Constructed with a progressive shape and NEW Amphibio Carbon Line technology to maximize weight savings and stability, the Ripstick delivers uncompromised versatility and smooth performance. With the addition of the Amphibio profile, Carbon Rods, and SST sidewall construction for power and precision, the Ripstick floats like a butterfly and springs like a ski.

Plake’s Pick
The Ripstick 106 is the ultimate freeride ski for any terrain. From boundary line to base lodge, peak to parking lot, and trailhead to tailgate this ski excels in all conditions.  No wonder it’s Glen’s favorite ski from the Elan collection!

There’s a fine line to walk when building your freeride quiver – the widest skis lack performance on hardpack, while narrower skis don’t offer enough floatation, causing you fall behind your buddies on deep days. The Ripstick 106 with Amphibio Carbon Line Technology is the solution, as it’s the perfect width for a one-ski quiver and offers an unmatched duo of grip and floatation. It’s built for skiers seeking exceptional performance while exploring the entire mountain. It’s a smooth ride no matter where you take it – front side, steeps, trees, or exploring untouched terrain, this lightweight versatile ski is up for any challenge.  Amphibio profile, Carbon Rods, and SST Sidewall supply the perfect blend of power, smoothness, maneuverability, and precision. It’s hard to argue with Plake: “This is the one ski I can take anywhere in the world and trust it in any condition”.

PROFILE: Amphibio
TECHNOLOGY: Carbon Line Technology, SST Sidewall, TubeLite Woodcore, Carbon Rods, VaporTip, Fibreglass
GEOMETRY: 143/106/120
LENGTH RADIUS: 164 (16.0), 172 (17.0), 180 (18.1), 188 (20.4)
WEIGHT: 1790g +/- 50g (180)