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Vision Group Musta
Winter 2019.20

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MICHELIN<BR/> Vision Group Musta <BR/> Winter 2019.20

The MUSTA model is a modern and lightweight fly fishing boot.

Thanks to the TPU reinforced polyester upper and  the Michelin sole, the shoe offers great performance and confort in any condition. The design of the sole in the toe and heel area ensures excellent traction even on the most uneven terrain, improving the resistance. The lateral tread design guarantees better grip on uneven and muddy paths. The central part of the sole is characterized by wavy blocks in order to ensure greater adherence and adaptability to any surface. Thanks to the cashed areas it is possible to add iron points to face even the most slippery surfaces. The midsole is in EVA and offers flexibility and support.

Thanks to the Michelin sole with this shoe you can challenge every type of terrain! Price: 229.00 Euro