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Trail Spacer backpack
Winter 2019.20

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VAUDE <BR /> Trail Spacer backpack <BR /> Winter 2019.20

At the ISPO, the outdoor specialist VAUDE will be presenting a larger version of its innovative Trail Spacer backpack. The lightweight pack for hyperactive athletes offers maximum comfort, perfect support and even more room for speed with its 3D knitted back and 18 liters of volume. And best of all, the backpack will be hitting the market as early as spring 2019.

Modern textile production doesn’t have much in common with old fashioned knitting. This state-of-the-art technology uses computer-controlled knitting machines which can produce even the most complicated types of mesh and patterns. At VAUDE’s research department in southern Germany, the idea of a 3-dimensional knit suspension system for backpacks has matured. Product manager Florian Schmid: “The 3D knit construction is unique worldwide and enables us to create completely new designs for the back panel. Using 3D knit, we can take different pressure zones in the back area into account and even out the pack’s pressure distribution.”

Companion for long, fast-paced tours
The smaller Trail Spacer 8 has already been awarded the ISPO Gold Winner 2018 as a world first. VAUDE is now launching a larger version for the summer of 2019. In this 18 liter version, the back panel is 4 cm longer. The suspension system,
Vent-Tex Spacerknit is seamlessly knit from three yarns with individualized rigidity zones. The 3D-knit construction continues throughout the shoulders into the straps and allows the pack to be “worn” like a vest. The manufacturing process is very resource-efficient – the back section does not contain foam and is directly manufactured in southern Germany. In addition, there are no residual materials left over during the production process.

Maximum comfort – put it on and forget it’s there
The Trail Spacer backpack with a volume of 18 liters and a weight of 530 grams offers ambitious athletes a whole range of functional advantages with its Vent-Tex Spacerknit construction. The seamless knit back has individual rigidity zones for optimum pressure distribution with flexibility that is perfectly tailored to both your torso and shoulders. The backpack rides snugly against your back and close to your center of gravity, whether you’re bent over in a biking posture or standing straight and hiking with trekking poles. Thanks to practical one-hand operation cordage, the main compartment can always be tightly packed and even readjusted while running. The elastic 3D-knit construction creates continuous ventilation with better air circulation than any other body-contact suspension system. The vest-like suspension system offers perfect support, comfort and ventilation for high-motion sports such as trail running, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, fast hiking or ski touring.