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#itsgreatoutthere Grants Update

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The #itsgreatoutthere grants programme continues to roll out across Europe, benefiting large numbers of young people by helping them to experience outdoor activities for the first time.  This year, we have so far committed to supporting seven diverse projects, in France, Italy, Germany and the UK. These initiatives will all take youngsters into the outdoors, many of them from challenging backgrounds and for the first time. So far, every grant that we have awarded has provided us with material that we can put to good use, both in promoting the benefits of outdoor participation to the public, and in our other important work in Brussels, where we engage with policymakers about the vital role that our sector can play in combating the inactivity epidemic.

We will continue to have funding available for #itsgreatoutthere grants and are keen to work with partners on projects in all areas of Europe, particularly those where we have not awarded grants before.  Non-profit organisations with outdoor related projects are encouraged to visit, where they can find out the full criteria that they need to meet and can also make an application. Many of the grants that we have awarded have been to projects where an organisation has teamed up with one of our member companies, with the latter often providing support in kind through the donation of products. We are fortunate that we have such a supportive, proactive membership, sharing our goal to get Europe active in the outdoors!