TWENTY: an accidental history
of freeriding by Guido Perrini.

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TWENTY is the culmination of twenty years of big mountain filming from award winning filmmaker Guido Perrini, and raises the question of ‘is it worth it?’

While documenting the evolution of this sport many of the characters have witnessed first hand the power and destruction of the mountain, Guido as well as other central characters struggle to come to terms with the reality and the dangers.

TWENTY also highlights the positives of big mountain riding and why the characters return to it, time after time, even after tragedy strikes.

Watch the trailer:

TEN ski snowboard film from guido perrini on Vimeo.

Starring: Xavier De Le Rue, Samuel Anthamatten, Jeremie Heitz, Nicolas Falquet, Geraldine Fasnacht, Andreas Fransson, Estelle Balet, Leo Slemett, Markus Eder,

Director of Photography & Editing: Guido Perrini.

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