Ali Mahlodji at the International Mountain Summit

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image002Are we able to make mistakes and accept our mistakes? Modern society demands that we never make mistakes, that we do everything right away. As a result, the error is hidden. Yet it is said that to err is human. Error actually allows us to grow. Children do not have problems when they cannot do something, they insist and try again, and that is why they learn.

For fear of making mistakes and avoiding failures, we risk giving up our vocation and our way. This is one of the topics Ali Mahlodji touches on during his presentation on Wednesday 10th October at the International Mountain Summit.

Ali Mahlodji is from Vienna with Persian roots and above all a true “SelfmademanHe changed over 40 different jobs after being forced, together with his parents, to flee his country of origin, first living in a refugee camp and then having to integrate into a new nation: “I washed floors, worked in fast food outlets and cinemas. Then I graduated in computer science: investing in your own education is the best thing you can do for yourself. And no matter what others tell us, they want to decide for us what we can or cannot do.”

Ali realized that disorientation is a global problem for the youngsters and many feel lost as it happened to him at high school. “The kids all have a smartphone and internet, but they still have the same problem I had at that age. They don’t know what to do with their lives,” says Ali Mahlodj. That’s why he founded the platform whatchado from his childhood idea to help others find the profession that suits them best – to motivate them to pursue their vocation. His video platform, in fact, is aimed at young people who do not yet know exactly what job is suitable for them. In small videos it enables people to answer seven questions about their profession. This helps pupils or students to find their way around and companies to find new employees.

The European Union appointed him EU lifetime youth ambassador. Former Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern called him “creative, successful and humane”. He says of himself “Actually, I am a mistake in the system”. Ali Mahlodji will be on the IMS stage on Wednesday, October 10, 2018 together with the South Tyrolean star chef Norbert Niederkofler and will captivate the audience with his story.

The evening will be simultaneously translated into the three languages of the festival: German, Italian and English.

The IMS is supported by the umbrella brand South Tyrol, KIKU, Sparkasse und Stiftung Sparkasse, DURST, City of Brixen, Region Trentino/South Tyrol and GORE-TEX.

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