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For the new film35, Arc’Teryx teamed up with Duct Tape Then Beer and writer Brendan Leonard to deliver a dedication to the joys – both big and small – of the climbing life.

Arc’Teryx pursues the dreams, challenge their abilities, and try to push their boundaries – and every year they get a little older in the process. How Arc’Teryx chooses to celebrate is up to them. Depicting climber Derek Craig’s birthday challenge of climbing thirty-five routes on his thirty-fifth birthday, this film is a celebration of the billions of tiny moments that make up our lives, and taking the time to remember and be motivated by them.

Like the best of inspirations, “35” came into being from a day of escaping work, climbing with friends, and discussing life, work, and adventure. Brendan hopes that when people watch the film, they’ll be moved and go back to it again and again when they’re in need of a little extra motivation: “My writing inspiration comes from normal people who have incredible determination to survive and be happy. Because when it really comes down to how to live, inspiring people are all around us, and so are a billion things we should be grateful for. So that’s what I wrote.

35 from ARC’TERYX on Vimeo.

Creative by Duct Tape Then Beer
Directed by Nasa Koski, Austin Siadak, and Matt Van Biene
Edited by Nasa Koski
Written by Brendan Leonard and Fitz Cahall
Produced by Fitz Cahall
Music by Gregory Alan Isakov (“The Stable Song”).

More info: Arc’Teryx