Broad overview of ITRA’s news
at the end of 2017

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Focus on ITRA ranking at the end of the 2017 season

Who are the best men and women runners of the moment according to ITRA performance index?


As every year, ITRA will propose to the top 10 men and top 10 women of ITRA overall ranking, as well as the top 3 men and top 3 women of each trail category, to join Quartz Elites health program for free. The ranking above is the one that will be taken into account. View the list of athletes who followed the Quartz program in 2017.


Quartz program in 2018

Declined in Quartz Elites, Quartz Event and Quartz Regular, the ITRA health program supported by Columbia, Compressport, Hoka One One, Salomon and The North Face in 2017 is developing and will continue its expansion in 2018. Ultra-Trail® World Tour confirms its commitment to the program next year. Salomon also announced the implementation of Quartz Event on its very new circuit of races, the Golden Trail Series. More information here.

All runners can participate at their level by indicating a maximum of medical information on their health space (available via the ITRA runner account). The health space is private and all the data are confidential. But, it is possible to make such information public if the runner wishes to do so.


2018 Trail World Championships
An intense week!

  • 5th annual congress of Ultra Sports Science, 9-10th May.
    This international meeting week will begin with the Ultra Sports Science annual congress of science and medicine focused on the practice of ultra-endurance sports. More information here.
  • Trail World Championships, 12th May.
    The Penyagolosa, famous race in the Province of Castellón in Spain, Ultra-Trail® World Tour’s member, will welcome in 2018 the Trail World Championships organized conjointly by IAU and ITRA. The course is not known for the moment but it will be a long trail-running race around 85 km and 5000m of elevation gain, as it was the case two years ago in Gerês, Portugal. The organization also offers the possibility to other runners to participate to two open races: the MiM (62 km and 3000m of elevation gain) and the CSP (116 km and 5700m of elevation gain).

All the races will take place on the same day, on Saturday, 12th of May. The first to line up on the track will be the CSP runners, followed by the teams selected for the trail world championships. The runners registered on the MiM will close the day’s race starts. More information here:

In 2016, the Spaniard Luis Alberto Hernando and the French Caroline Chaverot won the titles of World Champions on the long trail distance.

ITRA’s General Assembly, 13th May
ITRA’s Annual General Assembly will close the week. ITRA national representatives, founding members and Steering Committee members are expected for this international meeting, almost a year after the last elections of June 2017 in Italy.

Trail World Championships in 2019?
IAU and ITRA are considering the application forms sent for the 2019 Trail World Championships. The event, the date and the place chosen will be soon announced. The course will be a short trail as was the case in Badia Prataglia in June 2017.


The services developed in 2017:

ITRA runner insurance
More than 1,000 people have subscribed the ITRA runner insurance in 2017!
Two options are proposed, a yearly contract (49€) and a temporary contract (39€). In both cases, the insurance is valid worldwide, during trainings and trail competitions, but not only!
More information here.
General conditions:yearly or temporary

The new runner page
The runner space has well evolved since its creation! Some customization and analysis tools now complete the runner page. Since last summer, it is possible to add up to 10 photos to its profile, to follow some runners and events and to share its favorite events. Regarding the analysis tools, it is possible to observe the evolution curve of the performance index or to know the total kilometers run on ITRA member races.

The quality questionnaire
The ITRA Quality Commission set up a quality questionnaire for all the race organizers wishing to give to their runners the opportunity to evaluate the overall quality of their event organization. The questionnaire will soon begin its first phase of tests before being available on ITRA website, it will be inserted in a poll sent by UTWT®.

ITRA in few figures… on 20th November 2017

The members
More than 50,000 runners have created an ITRA account. Among them, they are 6,000 members including 4,000 new members in 2017. On the race organizers’ side, they are more than 1,000 members to this day, including 260 new adherents in 2017.

ITRA daily activity

–          more than 2,800 e-mails received each month
–          average time of response under 13:00:00
–          more than 850,000 website pages seen in October.

More information here.