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EOCA Fundraising for Conservation and Reducing Single-Use Plastic at OutDoor by ISPO.

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The European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) looks forward to meeting with many of its members and others within the outdoor industry next week at the OutDoor by ISPO show in Munich. The Association is excited to celebrate its latest successes, present its latest funded conservation projects, raise further funds for conservation and to play a key role in reducing single-use plastic waste generated at the show.

Thanks to the generous donations of EOCA members, the association will again be hosting a Conservation Fundraiser on its stand – B6.200. The Fundraiser includes packs, jackets, footwear, sleeping bags, climbing gear and hammocks, as well as many other items. 100% of donations received from this fundraiser will be spent on conservation projects. In addition, EOCA is very grateful to Klean Kanteen (B6.408), Stanley-a Brand of PMI (B6.400), Ternua (A4.324) and E9 (A6.102) who will be selling a selection of special edition reusable mugs, bottles and tumblers on their stands, all to benefit conservation. Every €10 donated via the fundraisers on the stands of Klean Kanteen, Stanley- a Brand of PMI and Ternua will fund the clean up of an area the size of 2 Olympic Swimming Pools via EOCA’s Public Fundraiser project Ocean Initiatives*. KEEN (A5.506) will be hosting their ever-popular KEEN Care Sandal Sale on Tuesday at 16.00hrs, again to raise funds for conservation – arrive early to avoid disappointment!

EOCA launched its Reducing Plastic Waste Pledge at the start of May, calling on members and non members to sign and implement the pledge at tradeshows, specifically starting at OutDoor by ISPO 2019. The pledge states that signees will provide a water source for staff and visitors to the show to fill up reusables, encourage employees to bring their reusable mugs, bottles and other items from home, and take all possible measures to avoid single-use plastic food and drinks items on their stands. It promotes the concept of Bring It. Use It. Repeat! To date 44 companies and organisations have signed the pledge and they can be seen listed below.

Catherine Savidge, Joint General Manager of EOCA said “ We have been delighted with the reaction we have received to the Plastic Pledge. Three fifths of EOCA members exhibiting have signed the pledge, including brand new members such as ICEBUG. We encourage all attendees and visitors to the show to Bring It. Use It. Repeat! – to use their own reusable bottles and cups while travelling to and attending the show …..and beyond. Reusable bottles and mugs will also be available to buy as part of the EOCA Conservation Fundraiser – on the EOCA stand, from an outlet in the East Entrance and on some EOCA member own stands and so we can all really say no to single – use plastic!