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Gore Launches New GORE-TEX 3D Fit Footwear

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3D_Fit_Footwear_1As industry leaders in innovation, W.L. Gore & Associates (Gore) continues to bring new product technologies to the market within the GORE-TEX ‘waterproof & breathable’ category. With the growth in popularity of mesh, elastic, knitted athletic footwear suitable for everyday use, Gore recognised the opportunity to introduce GORE-TEX 3D fit footwear, a new waterproof, breathable technology that contours to the shape of your foot (like a sock) and will be part of the GORE-TEX GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRYTM product brand.

Silke Kemmerling, Product Specialist for the Gore Fabrics Division said: “With GORE-TEX 3D fit footwear, consumers get a shoe that more effectively contours to the shape of their foot, and manufacturers get a technology that is easy to integrate into existing footwear designs”.

GORE-TEX 3D fit footwear will be unveiled at the upcoming Outdoor Show in Friedrichshafen, Germany (17-20 June 2018) and at the OutDoor Retailer Show in Denver, Colorado (23-26 July 2018). GORE brand partners adidas TERREX and Salomon will manufacture and market shoes featuring the new technology with their custom made ME:sh shoe. They will be available in-store and online beginning in February 2019.

GORE-TEX 3D fit footwear will enable manufacturers to have access to a waterproof breathable insert, offering seamless comfort in a lightweight stretchy material that can be used in a variety of lighter-weight athletic and lifestyle shoes. Benefits of GORE-TEX 3D fit footwear include:3D_Fit_Footwear_2

  • Game Changing Technology – GORE-TEX 3D fit footwear refines lightweight elastic shoes with a new standard of fit, whilst delivering waterproof, windproof and breathable comfort. The three-dimensional insert contours to the shape of the foot just like a sock.
  • Versatility – Consumers will like this technology because it will allow them to wear their favourite knitted, elastic, mesh footwear in broad range of conditions, regardless of weather or activity. By wearing shoes with GORE-TEX 3D fit footwear, they will no longer need to compromise style or be restricted on what they can wear for their favourite outdoor activities.
  • Comfort – GORE-TEX 3D fit footwear offers seamless comfort, ensuring consumers will enjoy how the product fits and feels.
  • Simplification for Manufacturers – GORE-TEX 3D fit footwear simplifies the assembly process for manufacturers, as Gore assembles the three-dimensional waterproof elastic footwear insert. This significantly streamlines the integration into the footwear – especially even in shoes that feature elastic, knitted uppers.

GORE-TEX 3D fit footwear continues the history of the Gore Fabrics Division development of new and innovative apparel and footwear technologies within the GORE-TEX ‘waterproof & breathable’ product category. While GORE-TEX remains committed to pushing forward the standard of ‘waterproof & breathable’ performance and producing solutions that are GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRYTM, in Fall 2018 Gore will introduce the GORE-TEX INFINIUMTM products. These products, made for versatile comfort, will offer a performance upgrade to everyday active gear so consumers can continue to enjoy the benefits of the GORE-TEX brand, even when waterproofness is not a priority.

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