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Improved Technology for Warmer Hands – GORE-TEX® Gloves + Gore Warm Technology

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gore-tex1As of winter 2015/16 complaining about cold hands will be a thing of the past – thanks to a product innovation of Gore: GORE-TEX® Gloves with the new + Gore warm technology keeps hands warmer for longer. This benefit is delivered without sacrificing the durable waterproof, windproof and highly breathable performance people have come to expect from GORE-TEX® products.

“Hands become cold due to reduced blood flow” explains Kip Sturgill, product specialist at Gore, “In addition, the heat loss from your hands can be accelerated in the presence of moisture. Our studies have shown that skiers can produce as much as 5 grams of sweat per hand per hour. While most of this can escape through the glove, some moisture can accumulate and that will reduce the thermal insulation performance of a glove. Understanding and measuring the insulation performance of gloves in the presence of moisture has allowed us to introduce GORE-TEX® Gloves with + Gore warm technology that helps maintain warmth for longer.

The special features of gloves equipped with the new technology is an optimized glove construction – consisting of an inner lining, an outer shell and the membrane – that continues to keep your fingers and hands warm for up to 15 minutes after you have finished exercising and the reduction of the blood flow has begun.

This optimized construction is possible thanks to a new test method which measures simultaneously the breathability and the insulation performance of a glove. GORE-TEX® Gloves with + Gore warm technology have to fulfil a precise minimum insulation level in this test and are therefore able to support the hand`s temperature and keep it at a constant level for longer – depending of course on the wearer’s other clothing, general state of health, activity level and nutrition.

At ISPO 2015 more than 15 leading Gore brand partners will be unveiling their first GORE-TEX® styles with the new + Gore warm technology – for skiing and snowboarding on the pistes, freeskiing off piste and ski touring.