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ISPO invests in cross-medial brand identity

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ISPO, the world’s largest sports network, will present its new family brand positioning and a refreshed corporate design. The new cross-medial brand identity will link the ISPO’s own digital offers with the international event and trade fair business. At the same time, it will underline ISPO’s commitment to B2B2C.

Since 1970, the family brand ISPO has developed from a simple trade fair organizer to a platform with year-round availability. Today, the network provides its customers with a total of eleven industry-related services, including high-performance digital solutions for companies and consumers as well as the international multi-segment trade fairs ISPO Munich, ISPO Beijing and ISPO Shanghai. The brand refresh, which includes a cross-channel design relaunch and a new brand claim, will sharpen ISPO’s profile as a full-service provider for the sports industry and allow a consistent analog and digital brand experience.

ISPO also wants to underline its position as a B2B2C brand with the new claim “Accelerating Sports,” which is based on the new brand mission “To accelerate the global Evolution of Sports.” Tobias Gröber, who is responsible for the ISPO group, explains: “Our motivation is to strengthen sports around the world and get people excited about athletics. We want to offer our customers real value added and contribute faster to the personal success of each individual, from brands and retailer to distributors and consumers.”