Kayland supported the Frasassi Climbing Festival

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Reaching its third edition, the climbing (not only!) festival is growing constantly, with more support from companies.

Kayland was sponsoring partner at the third edition of Frasassi Climbing Festival, held from September 7th till 10th, a great success in attendance for a renewed program, with growing participation which gives more prestige to all the movement around climbing and outdoor, trying to create a little sport culture also.
2017 theme was “Project the Unexpected”, and it generated consequently an increase of activities and a bigger village, with nearly 800 attendees, more or less triple than last year.

One of the positive notes is the great performances of all the appointments in the program, all of them clearly orientated to surprise.
Numerous events took place in the four-day festival: from classic climbing marathon (renamed Frasassi Challenge), to Street Boulder Contest, the all-new Frasassi Warrior. Then, the second Petzl contest and the Frasassi Skyrace. Besides competitiveness, there were yoga sessions, trekking through the trails in the Park and Speleological trips, with lots of participants. On Saturday evening, the speech from Maurizio Zanolla, a.k.a. Manolo, got people stuck on their chair to hear from this charming and motivational climber.

Kayland got this precious and funny occasion to once again show its support and cooperation with local events, that increase value for territory and for climbing and outdoor sport. A very positive event indeed for the number of people visiting our tent: everyone liked our approach collection, especially Gravity GTX styles, appreciated for their lightness, design and technicality.

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