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Ladies alpinism! Apex Rock and Cross Mountain, crossover boots specific for women’s adventures

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What are the key features in an alpine footwear, dedicated to feminine universe? Mostly, a lighter and more versatile platform, customizable fit, an attention to women’s feet shape and color ranges closer to women’s taste.

Apex Rock W’s GTX
Kayland helps out with two technical boots, designed for women adventuring on high altitude expeditions, glacier routes, high mountain treks, technical backpacking on multiple days. These are crossover concept boots, therefore not necessarily connected to a single activity, but ready to be protagonist in different ways of interpreting the mountains. Apex Rock W’s GTX is one mountaineering boot that suits perfectly on multiway expedition, even without ice. The upper is made with robust and thick suede leather, and antiabrasion microfiber inserts. The tip to toe lacing system allows a custom fit. Waterproofness and breathability are ensured by Gore-Tex® Performance Comfort lining. The sole package is precise and technical: PU and TPU wedge with different density areas, allowing impact cushioning and ideal torsional rigidity for security using semi-automatic crampons; the Vibram® Mulaz Evo outsole wraps up the whole concepts, with great traction on rocks, mixed terrains and wet surfaces.

cross mountain

Cross Mountain W’s GTX is more likely a backpacking boot, with enhanced features. It is more light and versatile, but keeps high tech constructive specifications. The suede leather and synthetic, anti-abrasion fabric compose the upper, designed to wrap dynamically female foot, increasing comfort feeling. Equipped with the Ankle Lock Technology, the shoe is holding firmly the ankle in place, allowing precise movement without frictions and torsions. The all-round rubber rand protects against rock spikes, roots and debris.
The extended lacing system allows a personalized fit and additional technicality. This model is also rocking a Gore- Tex® Performance Comfort membrane which provides waterproofness and breathability. Perfect compatibility with semi-automatic crampons, therefore adding more use on ice, glacier, snow and steep icy uphills. The wedge is built with two layers of microporous, with different density, giving shock absorption and stability properties, while the outsole is the already mentioned Vibram® Mulaz Evo, optimal on every surface. In the end, this boot is thought for all women active on the mountains, both on treks, expeditions and everyday activities.

INFO: Kayland