Orobie Ultra-Trail About To Hit 1,500 Entrants!

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The wave of enthusiasm for the Orobie Ultra-Trail®, Gran Trail Orobie and Bergamo Urban-Trail is increasing day by day, as seen by the number of entrants who have decided to take part in these three very beautiful and unique trail-running races. To date, in fact, some 1,460 athletes in total have said “yes” (of which 201 women and 1,257 men); in detail 337 have committed to the “short” 20 km course of the Bergamo Urban Trail (new for 2017), 894 to the Gran Trail Orobie and, lastly, 229 heroes, the super-athletes who will face a series of personal challenges over the arduous 140 km course of the Orobie Ultra-Trail®.

These figures have established the event – which will take place from 28th to 30th July – as one of the most important on the national trail-running circuit, but also confirm the decidedly international flavour of this third edition.

The number of foreign athletes registered at present, who come from all over the world to discover, while running, the beauty of the Orobie Alps and the city of Bergamo, are 191 from 33 countries on five continents, with some athletes travelling from as far afield as Australia, Bolivia, Hong Kong, Namibia, New Zealand, USA and Venezuela.

The Organisers “Asso Orobica” Sports Association in collaboration with “SpiaGames Outdoor Agency” wants to remember the entry deadline for the three races on Friday 30th June. This procedure can only be carried out on-line up until the latter date (no on-site entries will be accepted on day of the race) at the official website: www.orobieultratrail.it/it/modalita_iscrizione.asp

Orobie Ultra-Trail®
– Starts on Friday July 28, 2017 at 10.00 am from Clusone (Piazza dell’Orologio) and ends in Bergamo Alta. This 140-km trail features a 9,500-metre elevation gain. Maximum race time: 47 hours; maximum number of entrants: 700.

Gran Trail Orobie – Starts on Saturday July, 29, 2017 at 8.00 am from Carona and ends in Bergamo Alta. This 70-km trail features a 5,200-metre elevation gain. Maximum race time: 24 hours; maximum number of entrants: 1,300.

Bergamo Urban-Trail (new in 2017) – Starts on Friday July 28 at 20.30pm from the Lazzaretto district of Bergamo and ends in Bergamo Alta. This 20-km twilight trail with headlamps features a 700-metre elevation gain. Maximum race time: 4 hours; maximum number of entrants: 500.

ROUTE UPDATE. Preparing for a long-distance race in the mountains in the best possible way, it goes without saying, implies a precise knowledge of the route to be tackled. And in this regard the Organising Staff of the Orobie Ultra-Trail® has left nothing to chance. Recently the road books of the 3 races already available on the event website have been updated and, above all, made even more detailed so that athletes can examine them well in advance.

Some small changes have also been made with respect to previous editions. The most important concerns the Orobie Ultra-Trail®: the race will now pass through Rifugio Albani, which will consequently extend the first time barrier at the Valbondione rest area, and therefore the entire competition, by 1 hour. While for the “short” race, a time barrier has been added in the San Sebastiano area, as speculated during the race planning stage.

VOLUNTEERS OUT2017: THE CAMPAIGN CONTINUES. Continuing around the clock is the search for volunteers, the real driving force of the event, without whom the Orobie Ultra-Trail® would not be possible. Registration can be carried out on-line (www.volontariout.it), where in a few days the various positions available, divided according to tasks, will be added: volunteers for administration duties, logistics, refreshment areas, first aid and course assistance. The place and time of the day, in addition to the position, can also be indicated by the aspiring volunteer.

Those who have already entered their details this year just need to go to the website and state their preference without entering their details again. However details registered in 2016 have been filed away and so whoever was a volunteer last year must register again. Remember that if you are part of an organised group, the procedure to follow can be found by clicking on “Groups”.

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