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Scandinavian Outdoor Award to…Polygiene

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The winners are now selected! After dedicated outdoor testing and lively discussions, this time online, the international jury of outdoor journalists have come up with the winners of Scandinavian Outdoor Award for next year’s spring/summer season. The jury was very impressed by an anti-virus and anti-microbial treatment for textiles that can be used for masks, or other similar items, that will reduce viruses up to 99% in two hours! Very relevant in the heat of the battle against the current pandemic. So, congrats to Swedish Polygiene to the Overall Winner Award for their ViralOff.

In total five products just received a Scandinavian Outdoor Award for Spring/Summer 2021. Next to Polygiene, the Overall Winner, four other products got awarded: Vahti from Reima (Finland), Eide Woolpower RB9x from Icebug (Sweden), Outdoor Retro Smoker from Muurikka (Finland) and ZlideOn from Zip Clip Solutions (Sweden).

OVERALL WINNER: Polygiene /ViralOff
Polygiene ViralOff is an anti-virus and anti-microbial treatment of textiles and other products that reduces viruses by 99% in two hours. In the midst of the burning Covid-19 pandemic, Polygiene has created a technology that is highly relevant, even for an outdoor audience.

Statement from the jury: Although this is not a typical outdoor-product, Polygiene ViralOff deserves the Overall Award because it can impact developments way beyond the outdooror even apparel business. ViralOff is a treatment that kills 99% of the current viruses in two hours within a textile. When used in the facemasks, it will make lives for all of us a lot safer since you do not need to wash masks as often anymore. ViralOff contains silver salts and is considered not harmful for humans or for the environment.
– We have been part of Scandinavian Outdoor Group for a long time, says Niklas Brosnan, Marketing Manager at Polygiene from Malmö, Sweden. The SOG has many strong and global brands and collectively is an authority and source of inspiration that we are proud to be a part of. That SOG gave us this award makes us really happy. Super happy in fact! It is a recognition that Polygiene ViralOff will play an important part in the fight against the current pandemic as well as being a sustainable solution that allows articles to be worn more and washed less.

FOOTWEAR AWARD: Icebug/Eide Woolpower RB9x

A cool wool sneaker made from recycled wool and a minimum of virgin plastics. A wool sneaker is already a move away from using plastic, a wool sneaker made of upcycled wool is an even further step towards sustainability. Icebug made Eide by using felted wool from the Swedish wool brand Woolpower production scraps. Their production is located in Östersund, Sweden. Statement from the jury: »These sneakers are not only comfortable to wear, the amazingly breathable wool-felt-upper even sheds light drizzle«, one jury members explains about the Eide Woolpower RB9X from the Swedish footwear specialist Icebug. It is also very sustainable: the wool felt is made from production leftovers from the Swedish manufacturer Woolpower. The shoe is not designed for hiking or backpacking but will make your daily walks or travelling more pleasant.

HARDWARE AWARD: Muurikka/Outdoor Retro Smoker

The classic outdoor smoke was first manufactured in Finland over 30 years ago and is now being re-launched in an updated retro model. With the pure cylindrical shape and made of stainless steel makes it light, compact and easy to carry. Statement from the jury: If you love to smoke your own fish, meat or veggies when hiking or camping, the Muurikka Outdoor Smoker will be perfect for you, the jury agrees. Its compact dimensions (40 x Ø 16 cm) and the rather low weight (around two kilos) make it easy to carry
in a pack or canoe. Without wood chips it will also work as an outdoor oven. It is made out of stainless steel and has a cylindrical shape that allows better inside air circulation than rectangular designs.

KIDS AWARD: Reima/Vahti Hoodie

Summertime. And party time for insects. But with the Vahti hoodie from Reima the kids can stay safe! It’s ahoodie that safely repels insects, even ticks, with a non-toxic and biodegradable insect repellent finish – one which lasts 100+ washes! The comfortable hoodie is made of certified organic cotton. Statement from the jury: Treating organic cotton with a non-toxic, long lasting insect repellent, the Finnish brand Reima created a super comfortable, sustainable fabric for children apparel that gives great protection against mosquitos or other bothersome or harmful insects. »This is a great way to make cotton suitable for environments with lots of insects«, one jury member explains. The fabric is used in the Vahti, a stylish hooded sweater children will love to wear.


ZlideOn is a patented solution that helps to fix broken zippers. The old zipper is easy to replace, and the durability of that damaged jacket, pack, sleeping bag or shoe is extended. The focus on the environmental impact of the textile industry is increasing. The simplicity to repair the zippers with a ZlideOn helps people to use their textiles longer and save the environment.
Statement from the jury: Broken zippers are one of the main reasons why products fail over time. Now the Swedish company ZlideOn offers a fast way to exchange broken sliders. The replacement slider offers an innovative opening mechanism that allows it to be clipped onto the old zip. The guide on the webpage helps to find the right version that is needed. »Finally someone has come up with a solution to easily fix broken zipper sliders«, one jury member says.


Since 2005 the competition for the Scandinavian Outdoor Award (SOA), hosted by Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG), aims to support product and design innovations as well as to promote new Scandinavian outdoor products. The Award enjoys a high recognition thanks to the most thorough evaluation process of the industry. The international jury team composed of prestigious outdoor journalists and retailers based its final judgement on the following criterions: Design, Innovation, Functionality, Quality and Sustainability. Based on the meticulous assessment of each criteria, five awards were attributed this time. The Overall Winner is the product offering the most complete performance in each specification. This is the very first time for Polygiene to win the Overall Award. First in this prestigious list are Fjällräven with five awards, followed by Norrøna, Ecco, Devold and Aclima with two awards each.

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