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Ski Mountaineering: fast and light with
C.A.M.P. novelties

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When you are on the edge and have to raise the bar so high to achieve success, even the smallest of details does play a part: we are talking about apparently minor details, which turn out to be pivotal ones. This applies to the most disparate domains and ski mountaineering competitions make no exception. This is the reason why we leave nothing to chance when we craft our competition gear: every possible solution is taken into account to make the most of functionality and nail a feathery weight, reaching levels that were unthinkable only a few years ago. The outcome of our research we are talking about the record breaking Alp Race harness, the lightest in the world, weighing only 68 gr, the Rapid Racing pack, featuring the exclusive XPress system and the Piz Alu poles is at the core of our athlete’s triumph, reaping satisfying rewards in the World Cup and the most prestigious classic competitions.

C.A.M.P. Alp Race The Alp Race is the new reference for ski mountaineering competitions. At 68 grams, it breaks all the records and the packability is even more impressive. Folded into its  own special case, it packs down to the size of a wallet. The innovative construction uses super light and breathable nylon monofilament combined with exceptionally  durable and abrasionresistant high strength polyethylene. An elastic cord on the waist belt is adjustable with a durable Hypalon® clip. The elastic rise adjustment cord  for the leg loops is secured by a knot to prevent the leg loops from creeping down during dynamic movements. A single gear loop is removable using Hypalon® slots. Available in 4 sizes from S to XL. Weight 68 g (M size).

C.A.M.P. Rapid Racing For this round of updates to the benchmark Rapid Racing pack our athletes did not just give us their feedback: they physically came to our R&D offices and designed exactly what they wanted. The result is a race pack that truly has no equal. The new XPress ski carrying system uses an ergonomic hook with a bungee system to grab skis quickly and securely. The hook automatically retracts back into its home position when not in use and both ends of the system are adjustable so racers can dial in the ergonomics for the fastest insertion of the tails and the most secure tension for the hook. Other improvements include updates to the shoulder straps, back panel and waist belt, and the crampon pocket with the addition of magnets to help make sure the pocket is easy to close without removing the pack. Capacity 20 liters. Weight 300 g.

C.A.M.P. Piz Alu The Piz Alu is a fixed-length aluminum alloy pole designed for ski mountaineering. Skiers get the lightweight performance benefits of a fixed length pole, but with a robust 16 mm aluminum alloy tube construction for a level of strength and durability that race poles cannot deliver. The grip is designed for maximum comfort and a long extension of grip material allows skiers to choke up on the poles on steep terrain. The wrist loops are ergonomic with neoprene reinforcements for extra comfort. The tough carbide tips are shaped like a knife blade to attack frozen terrain and the rigid baskets feature a large surface area and serrated edges for extra grip on hard snow and for scraping iced up skins. 7 lengths from 115 to 145 cm. Weight from 408 to 474 g