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A world where Man and Nature
are in harmony and balance

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Our relationship with the Earth is suffering at the moment. We must find a possible, global development that is compatible with beauty and nature. ” (Andrea Bianchi and Alessandro Gruzza)


On the occasion of the fiftieth World Earth Day, Andrea Bianchi and Alessandro Gruzza, founders of “The Beauty Movement“, published the VISION: “the text that describes the world we imagine and want to live in“.

We invite you to read it and let yourself be inspired. Imagine that you are already part of that world, because this is the best way to make it possible!

“We will also publish the Mission of the Beauty Movement soon – Bianchi and Gruzza announce – a document that defines the areas of activity of this project and that we intend to open to the widest possible collaborative participation, so that it can gather the ideas and contributions of all the Hearts and Consciousnesses that are longing for Beauty!”.


The world we imagine, and in which we want to live, is a world where Man and Nature are in harmony and balance, both part of a process of continuous evolution towards life forms increasingly aware of their interconnection.

Nature releases its vital energy and its beneficial force through Beauty, which is its supreme and universal expression. The wilderness, preserved and protected, is expanding in all the countries of the world and biodiversity is growing both on land and in the seas.

In the Beauty of Nature, Man finds his deep connection with the Earth, his innate sense of belonging to it and of empathy towards all living forms, which leads him to take care of it spontaneously, to respect it and protect it as a primary source of energy and love for body, mind and spirit…

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