The Greenweez MaXi-Race, Annecy, is postponed until July 11-12, 2020. Different format, same spirit!

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For the 10th edition of the MaXi-Race, originally scheduled for May 29-31, 2020, organizers wanted create a truly unique event, mixing excitement, a shared experience, and the opportunity for everyone to push beyond their limits. The current worldwide Covid-19 pandemic has severely disrupted everyone’s daily life, both professional and personal. After consulting with event partners, service providers, volunteers, and participating local emergency services groups, we have decided not to organize the MaXi-Race at the end of May.

Since the race will not be staged as planned, event organizers have gone out of their way to offer the best possible alternative for runners. In addition to a partial refund, we are working side-by-side with the City of Annecy to reschedule the event for July 11-12, 2020, and in a slightly different format (finish line, distances, courses…).

However, any potential rescheduling depends entirely on the new rules put in place once the lockdown is lifted, as well as the authorizations required for organizing a sporting event in July. Due to the still uncertain circumstances, MaXi-Race organizers are not yet in a position to make a final decision (postpone or cancel) before April 20, a decision that will be based on the official information we receive from the French government.

– If the new rules permit us to organize the event, registered runners will be able to choose between participating in the race on July 11-12, or receiving a partial refund.
– If the event cannot be held, all runners will receive a partial refund.

Stéphane Agnoli, Race Director, explains, “This was not an easy decision to make and our entire team has been working long hours for the last two weeks to be able to react as quickly as possible to the latest bits and pieces of often conflicting information. To paraphrase Clemenceau, ‘Yesterday’s truths will not be tomorrow’s…’ This year’s edition will clearly veer away from the norm, but we all hope that the event achieves the original objectives set for 2020: new experiences, solidarity, and another big eco-responsible step forward with such programs as ‘zero plastic bottles’ put in place with the Greater Annecy Area authorities. The MaXi-Race team hopes, in spite of the current difficult situation, to organize a festive sporting event for everyone to share their common passion for running with each other!”

GreenWeez MaXi-Race, July 2020: a special edition, united together

All races will be held on the same day. Runners will be able to choose from one of 4 race formats, including a shorter ultra:

– the Short Race – 16km, 950m vertical gain,
– the Marathon-Experience – 42 km, 2500m vertical gain,
– the Marathon-Race – 39km, 3200m vertical gain,
– and a new 75km format with 4900m of vertical gain that starts in Doussard.

These changes recognize the difficulty for runners to be able to properly train this spring and limit the time emergency personnel and first responders spend working at the event, since they are currently on the front lines fighting against the epidemic.

We plan to make sure that the event also serves as a way to thank healthcare professionals for all of their hard work and dedication since the beginning of the outbreak. To show our appreciation, we have established a partnership with the Annecy Rotary Club. Once the epidemic winds down, they will work with local hospitals to offer any needed assistance. The MaXi-Race plans to donate a portion of the event’s proceeds to the Rotary Club, who will provide the funds where needed. Runners will also have the opportunity to make a donation.

Deferral and refund system. The current situation affects everyone’s lives, both personal and professional.
Organizing an event like the MaXi-Race represents a full year of planning, preparation, and work for our staff and volunteers. The event also has a significant impact on the local economy and the service providers we rely on. The deferral and refund system the MaXi-Race proposes should strike the right balance between our desire to provide an ample partial refund and cover the costs already incurred.

Runners will have the choice between deferring their registration or receiving a partial refund once the event is confirmed.

Details and information on the new dedicated website.