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What Will It Take To Finish Patagonia National Park?

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Patagonia new film Mile For Mile inspires activists to get involved through trail running – and Patagonia will match your donations

The future Patagonia National Park is open and ready for visitors – but a final push is needed to connect local people and visitors from around the world to this remarkable environment.

Today, Patagonia releases Mile For Mile, a film that celebrates one of the world’s most inspiring landscapes through the sport of trail running – and asks people to help fund the more than 50 miles of trail needed to make the future Patagonia National Park truly accessible to those who want to enjoy it.

Here’s the kicker: Patagonia will match all donations – mile for mile – towards the completion of the trail system. The total estimated cost per mile is $1,600; the matching program ends Dec. 31, 2015.

You can watch the film, learn more about the park and contribute to its completion by clicking here. Additional media assets can be found here.

Patagonia made Mile For Mile to connect its customers to this incredible region through the experiences of three ultra runners who show relentless forward momentum needed to get through a 100 mile run. These runners honor the 10 years of work by Patagonia locals and a global community that went into creating the park, during which protecting vast landscapes has required equal measures of vision, sweat, toughness and resolve.

In Mile For Mile, filmmaker James Q. Martin portrays the history of the Patagonia region and the unique aspects of the park that will ultimately turn it in into a treasure for the people of Chile, and the world. Former U.S. Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt predicted that Patagonia National Park “will be the Yellowstone of South America.”

Conservacion Patagonica, a non-profit organization dedicated to the wild future of Patagonia and founded by conservationists Doug and Kris Tompkins, will collect funds donated as part of the campaign.

The film will screen in various Patagonia retail store locations over the coming months.

Film Details: Mile For Mile (15 min, U.S., 2014) a film by James Q. Martin in association with Conservacion Patagonica and Rios Libres, presented by Patagonia. Featuring runners; Jeff Browning, Luke Nelson and Krissy Moehl and activists Doug and Kris Tompkins.

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