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mammut michelin fiber lite

Lightness is the new frontier in mountaineering; both gear and clothing are examined closely to reduce overall weight. Expert climbers and hikers make detailed studies and analysis of their equipment, especially in regards on the weight they are going to carry around all day long. Whether it’s a backpack, clothing or shoes, lightness is increasingly important because reducing weight means more energy saved. And more energy saved means a more efficient, enjoyable expedition or every day hike into the mountains. This never-ending quest is the driving force behind Michelin applying its wealth of knowledge from tires to the development of Michelin Technical Soles with Fiber Lite Technology.

Michelin Fiber Lite Technology is the most advanced solution for the production of lighter and thinner outsoles, thus reducing the footwear’s total weight. It is the result of a high temperature compression molding process of textile fibers on to the rubber that creates a light tread, and a thin, flexible and stable base for the shoe’s upper. In addition, the textile can be visible or not visible depending on the type of product and use of footwear.
Michelin studies show that weight reduction of the rubber outsole is achieved while maintaining performance, and in some cases, even enhancing how it interacts with the ground, especially with regards to adherence. This makes outsoles that use Fiber Lite adaptable to different types of terrain.
Also for the soles equipped with Michelin Fiber Lite Technology the specific rubber compound and the tread design will be customized based on the brand partner specific needs.

The Michelin outsole, designed exclusively for and with Mammut for the Nordwand Light Mid GTX Men, is the first technical mountaineering footwear made with Michelin Fiber Lite technology. Innovation and qualities which grant to Mammut the prestigious international ISPO Award 2017. The sole is inspired by the Michelin winter rally tyre NA00 and its innovative features come from the perfect mix between the specific developed tread design and the Michelin Outdoor Compound (OC), suitable for extreme and uneven terrain, while still offering stability and good abrasion resistance. The Michelin Fiber Lite Technology guarantees extreme lightness together with excellent performance in terms of traction. Mammut footwear equipped with the new Michelin sole is perfect for mountaineering, winter and mixed conditions.


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