Bio Photo Contest 2017: video interview with Dag Røttereng, Erlend Haarberg and Guillaume Bily

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The wonderful view of the natural ecosystems of the entire planet condensed in the best pictures of professional photographers and advanced photo amateurs.

The Bio Photo Contest has been a different and unique photographic competition (launched by BioArt visual association) that helped us know and preserve the rich beauty of the Biomes through some chapters that describe landscapes, animals, plants, insects, colours and shapes seen and told with a special eye and feeling. The images, through the creativity and the skill of advanced and professional international photographers, illustrate the theme of this fourth edition:the great ecosystem of boreal forest of the planet Earth“.

At the Bio Photo Contest, placed in Budoia (Italy) few weeks ago, Mountainblog, as media partner, had the possibility to interview Theo Bosboom, Dag Røttereng, Erlend Haarberg e Guillaume Bily, Dorota e Bruno Senechal, Keith Wilson and Erlend Haarberg natural photographers that express nature and science using  creative and amazing pictures.

Let’s start with the video interviews we made during the contest!
Dag Røttereng, Erlend Haarberg and Guillaume Bily are the winners of the contest and our first interviewees:

Interview: Camilla Endrici
Filming and Editing: Andrea Monticelli.