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The Beauty Movement is a special project, part of MountainBlog Network and created by Andrea Bianchi (author) and Alessandro Gruzza (nature photographer). It represents the first step to develop a network of people that believe and make an effort to see, feel and rebuild a better world featured by its own beauty. The way to get such a goal is simple: we need to reconnect with Nature. For this reason, The Beauty Movement aims to focus and to offer visibility to all those projects that deal with ecology, sustainable economy and society.

“It is in the darkest moments that we begin to see the Light, the one that is reborn every day, and that gives us the certainty that Life never sleeps. It is in these moments that, if we stop and linger in our Heart, we can draw on the vital energy that comes from Beauty.
The Universe follows the Laws of Love and Harmony, and the human beings, in order to evolve, must learn to recognize the Beauty as its expression.

On this basis, while the world is wrapped in the mists of a pandemic, we have decided to create the Beauty Movement, to launch an appeal and a message of hope: let’s rely on Beauty, let’s cultivate it by returning to Nature, finding our deep connection with the Earth. Only in this way we can evolve and awaken the empathy and the sense of belonging, which spontaneously lead us to take care of it, as our Home.

We are Andrea Bianchi, author, and Alessandro Gruzza, nature photographer. If you also feel that we all belong to the Earth, join the Beauty Movement: leave us your email and, if you wish, a comment, an idea, a proposal.
We need everyone’s contribution to find together and make it possible a new way of living and seeing the world.”


What could you do for the The Beauty Movement?

The world needs the support of its people to survive: if you are interested in contributing or even just following future developments, sign up and leave us your contact. You can also write a comment to let everybody know about your thoughts or personal project.
Everyone’s step is important for everybody’s journey.