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Video Talk

"On the Trails of the Glaciers" interview with Fabiano Ventura and Anna Ferrino

"On the Trails of the Glaciers" the photographic exhibition set up at the Museo Nazionale della Montagna di Torino (Italy), was born from the collaboration between Fabiano...

"My empowering way of being in the mountains": interview with Anton Krupicka

At the inaugural opening ceremony of a new shop by La Sportiva, we meet the American mountain runner and outdoor ambassador Anton Krupicka.

Interview with Luka Stražar: I started climbing thanks to books

The Slovenian alpinist Luka Strazar tells us about his cooperation with Karpos that recently supports him during the Annapurna expedition. In the video interview he also explains his personal opinion about the Himalayan alpinism.

UELI STECK and KARPOS: A New Story Begins. Video Interview with Marco Capretta

Thanks to the Jorassess Project, the athlete Ueli Steck, perhaps the most famous mountaineer in the world in recent years, has joined the Karpos family. During the video interview, Marco Capretta...

Video Spot

La Sportiva Recycled Garments

La Sportiva introduces the exclusive Recycled Fabric and Insulation system thanks to the usage of 100% Recycled Polyester fibers named RePET®...

Discover Ferrino's history! 150 years of Outdoor

1870. It all began in a paint shop in Turin. Cesare Ferrino had the revolutionary idea of making fabrics waterproof. It was an immediate success, all over Italy...

La Sportiva X-Cursion Apparel Collection

La Sportiva presents the new X-Cursion apparel line: a selection of technical and versatile items designed for multi-function use in the mountains: hiking, approach and backpacking...

La Sportiva - For Your Mountain: a personal challenge

La Sportiva launches the storytelling campaign dedicated to the personal challenges of athletes and ordinary people, protagonist of the first chapter is the ultra-runner Michele Graglia.

Video Preview

La Sportiva TC PRO Climbing Shoes
Winter 2021.22

For the Fall Winter 2021.22 collection, La Sportiva presents the climbing shoes TC Pro.

La Sportiva Vanguard, Budshido II GTX and Ultra Raptor GTX - Winter 2021.22

For the Fall Winter 2021.22 collection, Sandro De Zolt and Jonathan Wyatt present the ski boots Vanguard, the running shoes Budshido II GTX and by La Sportiva.

Masters Skitour Pro poles
Winter 2020.21 collection

Ski mountaineering is the most natural way to “breathe” the mountain, in the effort of the ascent...

Garmont Dragontail Tech and 9.81 N.Air.G 2.0 - Summer 2021

For the Spring Summer 2021 collection, Garmont presents Dragontail Tech GTX boot and 9.81 N.Air.G 2.0 GTX shoe.

Product & Corporate News

Riello Investimenti Partners Sgr Completes Acquisition of 65% of Garmont International

Riello Investimenti Partners SGR Spa has completed the acquisition of 65% of Garmont International Srl. Of the remaining 35%, Pierangelo Bressan, current President...

La Sportiva: Marcello Favagrossa
is the new General Manager

The Trentino company welcomes Marcello Favagrossa. Delladio: “The company is still family run and ready for new sustainable challenges”.

New Investors for Garmont® International

Riello Investimenti Partners Sgr Spa completes preliminaries for the acquisition of 65% of the Italian company, Garmont.

La Sportiva at ISPO Digital 2021

2020 was a very special year for the outdoor sports sector which, except for the spring lockdown period that put a bit of a strain on all sectors, benefited from a positive rebound in

Event & Testimonial News

Mountain Running: The La Sportiva
team expands

La Sportiva welcomes the new running season by announcing the entry of three new important international names in the Mountain Running team: ...

Alex Txikon Ready to Head Off
to Winter Manaslu

Alex Txikon has teamed up with Basque climber Iñaki Álvarez and Italian Simone Moro for his new winter target, Manaslu. And Ferrino is proud to offer...

Gorropu is to be screened on the Ferrino website in conjunction with its world premiere at Ladek Mountain Festival

Gorropu, a film about the Polish climber Aleksandra Taistra, is due to be screened at the 25th edition of Ladek Mountain Festival on Saturday, 19 September....

'My abrupt return from Patagonia'
by Pedro Cifuentes

Just a few weeks ago I was on my way back from my third expedition in Patagonia. Although I had heard of the spread of the coronavirus, I could never have predicted...