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Video Talk

"On the Trails of the Glaciers" interview with Fabiano Ventura and Anna Ferrino

"On the Trails of the Glaciers" the photographic exhibition set up at the Museo Nazionale della Montagna di Torino (Italy), was born from the collaboration between Fabiano...

"My empowering way of being in the mountains": interview with Anton Krupicka

At the inaugural opening ceremony of a new shop by La Sportiva, we meet the American mountain runner and outdoor ambassador Anton Krupicka.

Interview with Luka Stražar: I started climbing thanks to books

The Slovenian alpinist Luka Strazar tells us about his cooperation with Karpos that recently supports him during the Annapurna expedition. In the video interview he also explains his personal opinion about the Himalayan alpinism.

UELI STECK and KARPOS: A New Story Begins. Video Interview with Marco Capretta

Thanks to the Jorassess Project, the athlete Ueli Steck, perhaps the most famous mountaineer in the world in recent years, has joined the Karpos family. During the video interview, Marco Capretta...

Video Spot

La Sportiva X-Cursion Apparel Collection

La Sportiva presents the new X-Cursion apparel line: a selection of technical and versatile items designed for multi-function use in the mountains: hiking, approach and backpacking...

La Sportiva - For Your Mountain: a personal challenge

La Sportiva launches the storytelling campaign dedicated to the personal challenges of athletes and ordinary people, protagonist of the first chapter is the ultra-runner Michele Graglia.

Rewoolution: a revolutionary
activewear concept

Rewoolution offers a revolutionary activewear concept, dedicated to athletes and to mountain and outdoors enthusiasts:

La Sportiva X-Cursion


Video Preview

La Sportiva Mountaineering, Apparel and Running Summer 2021 collection

Sandro de Zol, Pietro Dal Prà, Jonathan Wyatt present 6 products from La Sportiva mountaineering, apparel and running Summer 2021 collections: Aequilibrium Top, Itaca Pant...

Masters Ski Tour Pro Calu at ISPO Munich
Winter 2020.21

ISPO 2020, Laura Zaltron (Marketing Manager) presents the Ski Tour Pro Calu by Masters.

La Sportiva G5 Evo, Zenit and Jackal GTX at ISPO Munich Winter 2020.21

At OutDoor by ISPO, Sandro De Zolt (Product specialist), Pietro Dal Pra (Product Developer) and Jonathan Wyatt (Running specialist) present...

Ferrino Tent Set and Agile backpack at OutDoor by ISPO

At OutDoor by ISPO 2019, Ferrino presents the revolutionary project Tent Set and the backpack Agile:

Product & Corporate News

La Sportiva presents the product news
for Spring Summer 2021

2020 has been a tough year so far, but La Sportiva is facing it with a proactive and positive attitude. The italian brand in the last months decided to postpone the launch...

Zamberlan Jane: the new look of the
Epic Women collection

The Epic Women collection is born to satisfy the needs of women in terms of fitting, lightness and flexibility while walking...

Ferrino opens the way in the outdoors world with a revolutionary tent project: Tent Set.

Ferrino, celebrating its 150° anniversary, opens the way in the outdoors world with a revolutionary tent project. Thanks to the absolute new Tent Set, from today everyone ...

Zamberlan Frida GTX: the new boots designed for women

The 2020 Collection available in stores brings great news also for the Epic Women line, which sees the introduction of new models, including Frida...

Event & Testimonial News

Rewoolution: Italian sustainability

During these challenging times, we are all reminded of our responsibility in taking care of each other and the planet we live on. The clothing we wear affects ...

La Sportiva Climb-in-GYM Tour is back in Europe with more than 70 stages

Already started overseas, the 4th edition of the La Sportiva Climb-in-Gym Tour will arrive in Europe on October the 5th with the first stage in Ireland...

Tor Des Geants Has Started! #FerrinoWomenTeam is running along 330 km

Tor Des Geants has starded! Persistent, strong and determined... But above all women! #FerrinoWomenTeam is running...

La Sportiva celebrates the Olympic convocation of its athletes at the
Climb Tokyo event

Following the IFSC World Climbing Championships held in Hachioji, Japan, from the 11th to 21st of August, 7 of the 20 available places for Olympic qualification...