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Video Talk

UELI STECK and KARPOS: A New Story Begins. Video Interview with Marco Capretta

Thanks to the Jorassess Project, the athlete Ueli Steck, perhaps the most famous mountaineer in the world in recent years, has joined the Karpos family. During the video interview, Marco Capretta...

SALEWA: New Logo, New Era

A new logo, a new era. This is the revolution that Salewa introduced through an effective show in St. Wolfgang am See (Austria). In front of dozens of retailers and journalists

Silvio Reffo: "My Easy Way to Climb"

The 12th of October, our correspondent Matteo Pavana met him in the greek islan during the Kalymnos Climbing Festival. We are talking about one of the best international climbers of nowadays: Silvio Reffo.

LA SPORTIVA - Speedster: Conversation between Adam Ondra and Pietro Dal Prá

Pietro Dal Prá ed Adam Ondra talk about the benefits of wearing the Speedster Shoes by La Sportiva.

Video Spot

Kayland: producing a footwear is not enough.

Kayland, technology matters research of the best materials and constructive technologies to deliver excellent products. This item must be studied and developed following strict...

Karpos Finale Jacket: Perfect for Moving Quickly in the Mountains

Buying a jacket always makes you think about what you’ll use it for. Exceptional flexibility in terms of both use and seasonality makes the Finale Jacket more than just a purchase, it’s a real investment.

La Sportiva Launches
the “Strange Heroes” Miniseries

The La Sportiva “Strange Heroes” miniseries is on its way, featuring athletes from La Sportiva’s climbing team.

MASTERS Trekking Spot

I manage my life, I have a busy schedule, I lead a succesful team, but there is no other place I'd rather be than outdoors when I handle my trekking pole.

Video Preview

Salewa MTN Trainer Backpack at OutDoor 2017 - Summer 2018

OutDoor 2017, Sebastian Schaller (Technical Sales Support Manager) presents the MTN Trainer Backpack by Salewa.

Karpos Free Shape & Adventure Bike Lines at OutDoor 2017 - Summer 2018

OutDoor 2017, Berthold Blattmann (Manager Germany and Austria Karpos) presents the Free Shape and Adventure Bike Lines by Karpos.

CMP Trail Running Hybrid Jacket at OutDoor 2017 - Summer 2018

OutDoor 2017, Lisa Zanchetta (Product Manager Cardio Fitness e Trail Running) presents the Hybrid Jacket by CMP.

ASOLO Patrol GV at OutDoor 2017 - Summer 2018

OutDoor 2017, Andrea Grotti (Sales Manager) presents Patrol GV by Asolo.

Product & Corporate News

Kayland Spyder Low GTX
A real crossover for strong emotions

SPYDER LOW GTX: A real crossover for strong emotions. Available in both men and women versions. Designed for a crossover use, multisport and multifunctional.

Ladies alpinism! Apex Rock and Cross Mountain, crossover boots specific for women’s adventures

What are the key features in an alpine footwear, dedicated to feminine universe? Mostly, a lighter and more versatile platform, customizable fit, an attention...

Trezeta Urban Treks - Wandering in Lisbon

Portugal capital, Lisboa, is a wonderful city that went through history, absorbing each moment, from dominations to foreign influences, among them the most relevant Arabic...

Trezeta Pamir WP...Unstoppable!

A versatile and very interesting piece of Trezeta Summer Hiking collection is the robust Pamir WP, a real concentrate of technology and innovative constructive solutions...

Event & Testimonial News

Angel Luis Salamanca, Spanish alpinist, always searching exciting challenges

Angel Luis Salamanca is a top level Spanish alpinist and one of the strongest representing Kayland ambassador team...

Kayland supported the Frasassi Climbing Festival

Reaching its third edition, the climbing (not only!) festival is growing constantly, with more support from companies...

La Sportiva Announces the Partnership With Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun 2017

The partnership between the company from Ziano di Fiemme and the hardest and most entertaining obstacle race of the moment, which will take place in Rovereto...

EUROJERSEY: Sea Turtles Rescue Center in WWF Oasi of Policoro

Eurojersey and WWF Italy strengthen their cooperation with a good initiative: this year the company has chosen to symbolically adopt the Sea Turtles Rescue Center present...