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ISPO 2020 has once again confirmed its position as one of the world’s leading international outdoor trade shows with 80.000 visitors from 120 different countries. Winter activities continue to enjoy increasing popularity, who knows well Michelin, that featured also on the latest models from Aku, Dolomite, ECCO, Etnies, Faradei, Hanwag, Icebug, Joma, Mammut, Nordica, RideSnowboard, ThirtyTwo and Viking.

We are proud to have won the ISPO Award for the HF Elite skiboot, co-designed together with Nordica. A technological and innovative product, results of two years of design. The acronym HF stands for Hands Free. Thanks to a 40-degree opening, which allows you to insert your foot without the use of your hands. The MICHELIN sole, thanks to the large contact surface, enables greater durability and adhesion to the ground.

Felix Neureuther, ski champion and Nordica ambassador, tested the new HF Elite boots, providing that the slogan “keep it simple” is a priority even for champions.

Below all the products with soles by MICHELIN presented at ISPO:


AKU:  La Val II FG GTX is a comfortable and extremely versatile shoe, designed for hiking in the mountains. The upper is in leather, while the lining is in GORE-TEX. The tread design features an asymmetrical construction, with the exclusive AKU Elica technology that guarantees excellent load distribution on the arch and an important improvement of the rolling mechanism. The sole, inspired by the Michelin mountain bike tires, ensures progressive traction, stability and major grip.

The Montera Lite GTX model with Michelin sole is a light and versatile shoe. The upper is in suede and equipped with Bycast protection. The fabric of the collar guarantees optimal ankle comfort and the Gore- Tex Performance Comfort lining keeps the feet dry in any condition. The sole, inspired by the Michelin mbt tires, has an asymmetrical construction, with the exclusive AKU Elica Natural Stride System technology that allows load distribution on the arch and a significant improvement of the rolling mechanism.

DOLOMITE: The Crodarossa is made to protect the ankle and guarantee major comfort when walking for may hours; and ideal shoe for hiking in the cold season. The Michelin sole, inspired by MICHELIN bicycle tires, features an exclusive design with notches carved on the toe for greater grip and stability. The multi-faceted sides and on the heel area guarantee traction and wear resistance.

The Steinbock GTX is a must-have for all hiking enthusiasts. An incredibly performing and at the same time comfortable shoe that allows greater stability, control and traction. The sole, inspired by the MICHELIN bicycle tires, has blocks that are carved and multi-faceted, which guarantee greater resistance. The distance between the blocks ensure exceptional self-cleaning.

ECCO:  EXOSTRIKE, co-designed with Michelin, a shoe that combines high performance and innovation with an urban style. The Michelin sole, specifically designed for the winter model, is inspired by the MICHELIN X-Ice tires. The shoe boosts resistance to wearing, grip and excellent stability. The carved anchors guarantee a better adherence and more adaptability to the ground while the lateral give further lateral control. ECCO includes in his collection Exohike, a shoe equipped with the innovative MICHELIN sole, inspired by a MICHELIN mountain bike tire. The sole offer excellent traction and grip on different types of terrain and excellent foot stability on different surfaces. The tread blocks are therefore extremely strong and important in the toe and heel area and the groove design increases lateral control while the rear tread blocks help control downward movement. The midsole is made of PHORENETM, a material that makes the shoe lighter and softer, and provides greater comfort and absorbency, while the upper is made of leather produced directly in ECCO tanneries. The Exohike project has been successfully completed thanks to close collaboration between the respective R&D departments, which has made possible the development of two different soles optimised for the specific walking of men and women. The Man and Woman versions, in fact, have the same tread but differ from each other in terms of the support built inside the midsole, which follows the anatomical shape of the female foot compared to that of the male foot.


ETNIES: The Etnies Sultan SCW shoe is the new winter model from Etnies. The shoe has a classic but highly technical style. Thanks to the Michelin sole, the shoes are perfect for walking in any weather condition: from ice and slippery surfaces, to compact or fresh snow. The Etnies Marana MTW and the Crestone MTW models were be exhibited at ISPO presenting new upper colours. The Marana, a skateboarding shoe designed by Scott Stevens, will come in a new Black / Red / Gum colour. The upper of this shoe is in suede. The sole inspired by the MICHELIN tires has a weave design in order to offer a better grip and stability.

FARADEI: The partnership between Michelin and Faradei brought two brand new models to the FW20/21 COLLECTION. The first shoe, inspired by the MICHELIN car tires, is equipped with a MICHELIN sole that ensures perfect grip, stability and traction. The specific sole design, with separated blocks, and the compound, ensure greater grip on wet and icy surfaces. The side blocks are have a stronger compound to guarantee major stability. Large grooves have been created in order to increase flexibility and water evacuation. The MICHELIN Cross Climate tire range, a symbol of maximum grip and stability, lightness and flexibility, inspires the sole of the second model. The tread on the toe and heel area is designed for more durability and an interlocked and siped design for constant adherence to the ground.

HANWAG: The models co-design by Michelin and Hanwag are equipped with a sole featuring the winter compound, which offers maximum resistance and optimal grip at low temperatures. Specific and interlocked tread design improves adherence and durability and guaranteed progressive traction. 



ICEBUG:  Designed for winter hiking and outdoor activities, the new Adak model is the result of the partnership between Icebug and Michelin. Each component underlines the extreme attention of the two brands towards sustainability. The shoe presents a DriTan oily nubuck leather upper, a recycled Woolpower merino wool felt, and a waterproof membrane in 50% GRS certified recycled PET polyester. The coating is in Primaloft Bio. The Michelin sole is made in Fiberlite, guaranteeing a 20% rubber use reduction. The interlocked tread offers more grip on slippery surfaces, while the large grooves ensure major flexibility and traction on the snow. The central fibre insert offers extreme lightness, while the side flaps ensure excellent resistance. Icebug reconfims the partnership with Michelin by presenting all models co-designed with the French brand at ISPO:

The Forester winter boot, comfortable and attractive; perfect for winter outdoor walks. The Grove Woolpower, sporty and elegant at the same time. The MICHELIN sole offers better grip and stability and the Z-cross structure increases grip on any surface. Finally, Pace 3 is the Icebug boot with a MICHELIN sole perfect for those searching for comfort and stability. The sole structure is equipped with micro-pumps at the edges in order to keep the shoe clean and the mud not to accumulate, while follows the foot support providing progressive support and traction.

JOMA: The Tactico shoe is renewed for this season with new colors. Co-designed exclusively with Michelin, Tactico is a football shoe with two specific characteristics that make it unique: the sole and the Sock System. The Sock system ensures more safety and guarantees high resistance. These reinforcements protect the foot and give greater stability and sensitivity when touching the ball. The MICHELIN sole guarantees maximum adherence to the parquet. The specific tread design enhances rotation during direction changes. 

MAMMUT: The Alnasca Knit II Low GTX model is ideal for a variety of mountain activities. The sole, inspired by the MICHELIN rally tires, guarantees precise support, excellent traction and foot control. The particular tread design ensures maximum performance on rocky and wet surfaces, adapting and following uneven terrains. The Nordwand Knit High GTX® is the first shoe fully compatible with crampons and with a knitted shank. Solid, but at the same time elastic. Thanks to the MICHELIN sole, the shoe adapts very well any terrain and for climbing. With a light PU wedge, the sole weighs 40% less than the traditional soles.



NORDICA:  The new HF Elite model equipped with MICHELIN sole is the exceptional and revolutionary result of a solid partnership between two important brands. The innovative HF Elite, where HF stands for Hands-Free, is characterized for its extremely easy use thanks to the rear fit and 40 ° opening. Thanks to the large contact surface, the MICHELIN sole enables greater durability and adhesion to the ground. The deep grooves allow snow and water to escape rapidly.

RIDE SNOWBOARD:  Ride presented an entire range of snowboarding boots co-designed with Michelin. The Insano, equipped with the Intuition Center Dream Liner inner liner, in multi-density foam enclosed in a support structure that guarantees maximum cushioning and a perfect fit. The sole co-developed with Michelin is characterized by a unique design, which guarantees stability, resistance and adaptability. The Lasso by Ride boot is ideal for every snowboarder. Equipped with a MICHELIN sole, the boot has a special tread in the toe and heel area in order to increase traction, stability and grip. In addition they co-developed two models dedicated to the female world: Cadence and Karmyn. Thanks to the MICHELIN sole, inspired by winter tires, the sole of the boot guarantees great lightness, stability and durability.

THIRTYTWO: The Müllair Boot is equipped with a very light MICHELIN sole and has been inspired by the winter tires range. This boot is the icon product of the collection designed by Nicolas Müller. A perfect combination of innovation and high performance. The smaller blocks on the tip area offer perfect control over snow, while the larger ones in the lateral areas ensure excellent resistance over time. Designed with a Cushion Cup, the boot locks the heel in place and protects it with a natural cushioning of the body. Tailored Lacing Technology allows the snowboarder to adjust the boot and find the perfect fit and support for all styles. The new models have new colours and new uppers.

VIKING: Viking presented at ISPO 2020  two versions of the Anaconda model: Anaconda Invisible Fit and Anaconda Light Boa. This is the perfect shoe for speed hiking. The shoe guarantees safe walking with excellent grip on all paths, even the most difficult ones, thanks to Viking Ultimate Grip Concept (UGC) technologies integrated into the sole able to guarantee better control to the ground.

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