What does Outdoor mean to you? The interpretations of Scandinavian OutDoor Brands

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Not just performance or sports: outdoor is much more than this and the HangOut area (at the OutDoor Show 2017) has been the occasion to remind it. As Martin Kössler (CEO Helping You Grow International Business AB) says, the concept behind the HangOut project is to rediscover what the outdoor is really about.

Sara Wänseth (SOG General Secretary) and some members of Scandinavian Outdoor Group take part in this special video to express the different interpretations of the outdoor essence.

And what about you? What is your personal interpretation of being out there?

Thanks to: Martin Axelhed  (CEO Fjällräven), Jesper Danielsson (Head of Design Houdini), Calill Odqvist Jagusch (CEO Light My Fire), Oscar Strindhagen (Founder – Nordic Pocket Saw), Lars Ola Brolinson (CEO Primus)  and Torsten Gabrielsson (PR – Manager, Tentipi AB).

Interview: Jessica Ceotto
Shoting and Editing: Valeria Covre.