Michelin – Winter Sport

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indexFor all of those who are ski-addicted, love the slopes, but at the same time are ready to prove themselves in different situations because challenges are part of their DNA, Nordica created the perfect product: it’s called Promachine, it has the power of Dobermann®, but the lightness, the versatility and comfort of a 98 mm All Mountain boot, as a real member of the Machine family. Grit, willingness to overcome their own limits, to feel the thrill of the speed under the ski. The Michelin soles offer unprecedented grip and stability from the forefoot, through the metatarsal to the heel. The new, fully integrated GripWalk toe and heel system provides matchless Michelin traction on snow, ice and almost any other surface skiers might encounter when they ski the whole mountain. (more…)

Michelin – Winter Outdoor

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A solution which delivers traction on ice and on hard snow routes, whilst maintaining the same performance on different terrain types even after long use. This solution was developed through a specific balance between the visco-elastic properties of rubber and the mechanical behaviour on the ground generated by the “profile” of the sole, comparable to the tread of the tire. The 100% rubber compound maintains flexibility at medium and lower temperatures, allowing the natural flexing of the foot during walking. Columbia was the first technical footwear company to deliver this new solution to consumers, offering it in multiple performance collections currently on the market. These products will be in the line for the AW1819 winter season including a new ankle boot with that features.
The Michelin and Columbia partnership is focused on technical footwear to help people face the difficult conditions of winter in safety. Superior grip, flexibility and abrasion resistance are enabled by Michelin’s soles made with ‘ice control’ solution, even in temperatures down to -30°C. (more…)

Michelin – Winter Urban

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Hanwag_AI1819_actionLast winter, Hanwag exclusively launched the innovative MICHELIN V-ROUGH sole that was developed together with MICHELIN Technical Soles and customized for Hanwag. The MICHELIN V-ROUGH sole successfully transfers the V-shaped tread design from the legendary MICHELIN Alpin 5 winter tyre to a technical footwear sole. It is made of a unique and specially formulated rubber compound that responds perfectly to winter conditions, offering grip, traction and durability for active winter outdoor enthusiasts and urban winter users. This is why every single model in the Hanwag Active Winter Collection combines high functionality with a design suitable for everyday use. Fall / Winter 2018/19 sees the MICHELIN V-ROUGH sole in use on the popular ANVIK GTX and AOTEA GTX® and all further models in the Hanwag Active Winter Collection.

How does the MICHELIN V-ROUGH sole work? The MICHELIN V-ROUGH sole is all about combining the perfect tread with the optimal rubber compound. Its MICHELIN Winter Compound (WIC) uses soft, non-slip rubber that offers good grip and exceptionally good abrasion resistance. In addition, the MICHELIN V-ROUGH sole profile has special V-shaped, interlocked and siped tread blocks for winter performance. The siping at the heel and toe provides improved adherence during toe-off and heel strike and – in combination with the full midsole – maximum stability and control in winter conditions. All in all, the tread design successfully transfers the benefits of the V-shape profile of the legendary MICHELIN Alpin 5 winter tyre. Exclusively available in the Hanwag Active Winter Collection, this exceptional sole offers enhanced traction and adherence and is also self-cleaning and hard-wearing. (more…)

The Michelin Man is leaving more and more footprints: SS19 partnerships are increasing

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Ambrogio Merlo_Amministratore Delegato Michelin Technical SolesInnovating, reversing trends, creating uniqueness: these are Michelin Soles’ key words.

A tangible proof comes from the SS 2019 footwear collections showcased in trade fairs. From Mammut to Salewa, from Garmont to Aku, through Salming, Camper, Under Armour and Northwave, the Michelin Soles models are growing in number.

Michelin has entered the technical soles world with a unique strategic approach, in a sector which has been static for a very long time, thus creating a real interest among footwear producers, who are always looking for new innovative solutions. That is why the new Michelin rubber soles were at the booths of prestigious outdoor brands such as Mammut, Garmont, Viking, Mizuno, Northwave and Under Armour during the most important international footwear fairs in June and July: Outdoor and Eurobike in Europe, Icast and OR Summer in the USA.
The whole idea comes from the ‘ground contact’ expertise; a concept Michelin has been working on for over a century, and on several fronts: from automotive to agriculture, from aeronautic tyres to two-wheel motor and pedal vehicles – the French business has an exclusive know-how on the dynamics of contact between a moving object and the ground in all its forms: from tarmac to rock, from ice to mud. That is what is behind Michelin Soles, the project which uses the most diverse competences to develop personalised soles according to the specific requirements of footwear businesses from all over the world. (more…)

Clan & Tribe: Go Flat-Out with Northwave

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Northwave breaks into the flat shoes market, changing the game with an innovative flat-specific sole system made in collaboration with Michelin, and two stylish and classy models.
You can be content with being one of many or crave to stand out. You can stay in the wake or call for your trajectories. When Northwave faces a new challenge, it does it in its own way.
Northwave breaks into the flat shoes market and does it by introducing the first ever flat-specific sole system, and two brand-new models into its 2019 collection: Clan and Tribe. According with the current trend in the cycling world, Northwave has further extended its offer to cover a constantly growing branch, winking at the freeride and gravity disciplines as well as e-Bikers. (more…)

Michelin technical soles: new partnership
in fly-fishing with Orvis

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Michelin Soles has entered into a new partnership with Orvis, the world leader in fly fishing, to equip the company’s Orvis Pro Wading boot with soles featuring Michelin technologies and know-how, which will offer anglers high grip levels in and out of the water, and excellent durability. The boot has been presented during Icast trade show in Florida, Orlando.

When choosing footwear, fly fishing lovers want optimal wet traction and durability, since the footwear is always worn when practicing this sport. To achieve this, Orvis, one of the leaders in the fishing products market, joined Michelin, which has over a century of ‘ground contact’ expertise from developing tires. Together they then transferred this knowledge to sole technology, in a team effort to meet these demands. The result is innovative and offers anglers tangible benefits.

The Orvis Pro Wading Boot is equipped with a Michelin sole, made with a compound which ensures excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces. To do this, the rubber is able to mold itself to the ground and offer high grip levels. The tread draws inspiration from the MICHELIN XM27 agricultural tire, which has great flexibility and self-cleaning capabilities. Furthermore, the tread pattern also offers stability and provides shock absorption. (more…)

From Tyres to Trail Running – A range of technical soles designed to the last detail according to their use

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Fabien Antolinos (3)

Credits: Press Office The North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail.


A tyre choice depends upon the type of terrain and the intended use. In the same way, technical soles are designed for specific activities, tailored to meet the needs of the wearer. Michelin’s ‘From Tyres To Soles’ philosophy, is much more than a simple tyre-to-sole transformation: it studies carefully the perfect rubber compound and tread design and aims to achieve the best performance as far as traction, durability and self-cleaning are concerned. The next-generation uppers and high-performance soles are the perfect duo, as they allow trail runners to have an advanced terrain control in all weather conditions.


Swimrunners and Orienteering Athletes can now start on the right foot with
Salming OT Comp powered by Michelin

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Salming OT Comp Photo Patrik Johall


What happens when off-road running begins to play a role in fast-growing disciplines such as swimrunning?
Salming, a Swedish brand specialising in performance running, teamed up with technical soles authority Michelin to create a shoe that is incredibly light, with a tread that ensures exceptional self-cleaning and impeccable grip on slippery wet surfaces.

Swimrun is a multiple-stage competition which involves participants running and swimming with no transition areas: this means that athletes have to run with their wetsuits on and swim with their shoes on. While in 2016 there were only 70 known races in the world, today there are more than 500.
The Salming OT Comp (Off Trail Competition) is ideal for disciplines such as swimrunning and orienteering, where the sudden change of terrains and conditions requires a shoe with excellent traction and adaptability. Michelin’s dynamic sole and Salming’s upper shoe are the perfect combination to offer the wearer the support he or she needs. Athletes are well aware that adaptability is key during swimrun and orienteering competitions: from now on, with Salming OT Comp, everything will be easier. (more…)