A selection of shoes featuring a Michelin sole that will accompany you to rediscover the nature

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After this long lockdown, travelling means finally reconnecting with nature and outdoor sports, open spaces where the rules of social distancing are naturally respected and find happiness and balance. What better occasion to dedicate time practicing our favourite sport?

Find here a selection of shoes featuring a Michelin Sole that will accompany you to rediscover and enjoy all the nature around us.


The innovative shoe to help avoid running injuries combines an intelligent midsole with a high performing outsole to deliver an optimal running experience. The goal is to reduce overstriding and discomfort, and maximise performance on unforgiving surfaces. Joe Nimble and Michelin have co-developed the ideal density that allows runners to take shorter strides with a higher cadence, but keep the centre of gravity when the foot is being placed on the ground. The sole is in EVA midsole and rubber tread with flex grooves and zero heel (ball and heel of the foot on one level).

“Be Nimble” challenge. Receive a discount voucher for the new NimbleToes Addict by JoeNimble co-developed with soles by Michelin.

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“Be Nimble” challenge. Participate and receive a discount voucher for the new NimbleToes Addict by JoeNimble co-developed with soles by Michelin.

One of the latest collaborations of Michelin Soles is the one born with Joe Nimble, a German company with whom they developed a special project dedicated to running and functional footwear. The sole of these shoes, thanks to a large surface of contact with the ground, guarantees greater support in movement, durability and flexibility. (more…)

Presenting the new Joslin 2 by Etnies co-developed
with Michelin Soles

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Here is the new skater shoe developed by Etnies together with the legendary skater Chris Joslin, co-developed with Michelin Soles.
The sole, thanks to textile inserts, is extremely lightweight. The reinforced sculptures provide greater wear resistance and maximum durability. (more…)

all runners should start using today

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Motivation isn’t second nature… it can’t be expected, guaranteed or taken for granted.

Forcing the habit and sticking religiously to a demanding physical routine is a tough ask for anyone. Luckily, there are a bunch of things you can start doing today—strategies and approaches dedicated runners swear by—that’ll help you keep up that much needed momentum.

So you can focus on what matters…

Log your activity

Simple, but extremely effective—a running diary will give you a retrospective bird’s eye view on your activity and a deeper insight into your training habits.

Some runner’s log everything from detailed run summaries, to nutritional intake and sleep patterns. But it’s really up to you how granular you get with your diary, where you record it and how you use it to power your training. Just make sure you’re recording every run!

Whether it’s your trusty notebook, a running app or spreadsheet, consistently tracking specific criteria will enable you to accurately measure progress, identify any mistakes in your approach, and make informed decisions about your training plan—restoring order where necessary.

  • What do you need to do before your next race?
  • What goals are realistic?
  • Did you meet your weekly target?
  • Are there any patterns emerging?
  • How have your fitness levels changed?

These are all questions your diary can answer. It’ll bring a new sense of structure to your running, and help to rationalise your activity.


Explore new types of running

“When possible, and when daylight permits, try to run on grass or softer surfaces,” says three-time London Marathon champion Paula Radcliffe. “Not only does this put less strain on your body, helping to protect your joints, but allows your body to recover quicker.” This is just one example of the benefits of changing up your running routine.
Running the same pace, the same distance, the same route and the same terrain, over and over and over, will have you bored in no time. But exploring new types of running doesn’t only help to keep things fresh. It also transforms the body into a more complete running machine.

High intensity interval training is the fast lane to cardiovascular endurance.

Trail running boosts balance, agility, and core and leg strength.

Hill repeats enhance fatigue resistance and lactic threshold.

“The biggest thing people go wrong with is being repetitive in their running,” says former 1500m World Champion Steve Cram. “Look at what elite athletes do—they are wide-ranging with track runs and faster runs to break up their mileage into bite-size pieces. “It doesn’t help running the same pace for three miles or twelve miles, mix your pace and your distances.”

LIGHT RUSH: Millet trail running shoes
with Michelin outsole.

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A new ultra-light shoe engineered for trail-running performance. Weighing just 260g, it features the latest Michelin outsole, developed exclusively with MILLET, which ensure responsive grip on all typ es of terrain. Its Matryx® fabric enhances abrasion resistance and prevents deformation, while delivery optimal breathability. Does the business for intense up/down and short sessions, providing perfect alpine-running sensations. (more…)

Under Armour chooses Michelin Soles
for the new Hovr Summit

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There are many ways to run, many more to discover. The new Under Armour HOVR Summit with MICHELIN soles will soon be your best friend.

Busy, urban, underground cities. Natural, wild, harsh landscapes. There is no place where you can’t live your adventure.
The new UA HOVR Summit with soles by MICHELIN, combines the high performance of a running shoe with an elegant style and the best technologies designed for outdoor and running.  The sole, inspired by the MICHELIN X-Country mountain bike tyres, is designed for all kinds of terrains. The wide grooves ensure flexibility and the multifaceted sculptures guarantee maximum grip, control and durability. Moreover, the sole is extremely light giving more flexibility and reactivity. (more…)